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‘Lynette Frascella Named Volunteer of the Quarter’

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005— Lynette Frascella, Administrative Assistant in the Point Pleasant office of Gloria Nilson GMAC Real Estate, has been awarded the Volunteer of the Quarter for the fourth quarter 2004 for her work with Soldiers’ Angels. As part of the award, Lynette’s charity will receive a $1,000 donation from GMAC Residential.

Since getting involved with Soldiers’ Angels last year, she has officially adopted six soldiers and has written to many more. She writes many letters weekly, mails about six packages per month, and spends about one to two hours daily volunteering for this organization.

Soldiers’ Angels is a nonprofit organization, created in August 2003 with a mission to reach out to the United States’ military heroes and their families, providing comfort, aid and support in many different ways. Volunteers of this organization adopt soldiers and keep in touch with them by writing letters and sending care packages, totaling thousands of care packages to date. Soldiers’ Angels currently supports thousands of American Service Members stationed wherever an American Flag waves and the number is growing daily.

Lynette found out about this organization via the internet when searching for military support groups. She became interested in this organization in February 2004 as a way of “paying forward” the blessings her family received during a difficult time. After speaking with Patti Patton-Bader, the groups’ founder, Lynette was drawn to the organization by the fact that it is a non profit, 100% run by volunteers, and all donations go directly to the support of our military heroes.

“I have met so many wonderful people, both fellow volunteers and heroes, deployed and wounded. The volunteers of this organization have one purpose, the well-being and support of our military and their families,” she says. “I get the extreme satisfaction of knowing I’m letting our heroes know how much we support and appreciate their bravery, courage and sacrifices. They are making to make our world a better and safer place. One of the nicest things about writing these men and women is that some of these heroes keep in touch with us even when they come home. That is an added bonus!”

Lynette e-mails some of the soldiers daily and also places phone calls to wounded heroes.

Soldiers’ Angels supports wounded soldiers at all major military hospitals in the U.S. and in Landstuhl, Germany, by providing transitional backpacks, personal visits, phone calls, and more. Volunteers send “thank you” letters and e-mails to the military of Great Britain, Poland and Australia, who serve by our soldiers’ side in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lynette is currently manager of the Wounded TLC Team for Soldiers Angels. This is a first response group, providing comfort, aid, care and support to our wounded heroes and their families. We have teams in all major military hospitals here and in Landstuhl.

For more information on Soldier’s Angels, click here.

Nominate yourself or a co-worker as Volunteer of the First Quarter 2005 by March 31, and get $1,000 corporate donation to the charity of your/their choice!

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Lynette Frascella Named Volunteer of the Quarter

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