Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Iraq War News-from the front 

Back in Kirkuk. A bit of civilization… Although, first night back we made
three bunker runs in 45 minutes. First one was real, the second two were
“malfunctions”. Apparently, the rocket hit, then “skipped” off post, because
it wasn’t found. Then again, it might be lurking around somewhere. It hit
between the K9 compund and the “pool” ( a group of about 15 inflatable
kiddie pools. We have a real pool, but this is for those times whenyou just
can’t wait.

The Iraqi Army base that is being built is what I am working on now. We
drive out every day and have some great security guys from South Africa and
a few Kurdish “shooters”. The shooters ride in the back of the pickup and
smooth the way for us in the Land Rover Defender. Not a bad vehicle, but a
little rough riding. Pierre, one of the S.A. guys drives and always tells us
that "the brakes are bad, the shocks are shot, and the driver is delirious."

Job is interesting and I work some good people – Iraqis and Americans. We
are building bridges of understanding and mutual respect through these
projects and the base and water treatment plant we are also building are
letting the Iraqis know we care about their welfare. Its too bad some do not
see that and focus only on the negative.

Well, that’s about it from here. Thank you all again for your thought and
prayers. They are appreciated.

Kirkuk, Iraq
Camp Cuervo (for a tequila drinker, this is quite ironic)

Iraq War News


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