Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Iraq War News
Kurdish forces capture suspected militants: "Kurdish security forces have captured 15 militants, including one man believed to be a senior leader in a local group linked to al-Qaida, an official in a pro-American Kurdish party said Tuesday."

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Blair to learn verdict of Iraq intelligence inquiry: "Prime Minister Tony Blair was to learn how much trouble he faces for relying on flawed intelligence to promote the Iraq war when the findings of a long-awaited inquiry are handed over to the government. (AFP)"

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Iraqi police launch sweep of Baghdad town: "Iraqi police launched a massive sweep of a Baghdad neighborhood, killing one person and rounding up hundreds of suspected criminals, as the interim president promised to crack down on anyone threatening the country's security."

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Iraq's leaders step up with tough talk: "In the span of roughly a week, Iraq's new interim leaders have passed sweeping emergency laws, promised to "crush" troublemakers and use a "very sharp sword" to combat unrepentant insurgents."

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Gulf War vets 'felt like enemy': "Troops in the first Gulf War were inoculated with a cocktail of drugs which they believe left them with debilitating illnesses and may have contributed to fatal birth defects, an inquiry has heard."

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Pakistani Ambassador Top Envoy to Iraq: "Secretary-General Kofi Annan has selected Pakistan's ambassador to Washington for the job of U.N. envoy to Iraq, replacing a top diplomat who was killed in a Baghdad bombing last year. (AP)"

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Iran Leader Says U.S., Israel Behind Iraq Kidnaps: "Iran's Supreme Leader said on Tuesday hebelieved the United States and Israel, rather than Muslims,were behind the kidnapping and killing of foreign nationals inIraq. (Reuters)"

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Filipino Bid To Save Iraq Hostage: "In an appeal to save the life of a Filipino truck driver being held hostage in Iraq, the Philippine government says it is willing to withdraw its troops from Iraq "as soon as possible." Terrorists have demanded a withdrawal by July 20th."

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U.S. Civil Affairs soldiers rebuild Iraq: "Sgt. Abubakar Senge walks through the secondary school with his rifle slung across his chest, his helmet hanging off his arm and a notebook in his hand, inspecting the work he hired an Iraqi builder to perform."

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Bush hits back over weapons: "The US president defends the Iraq invasion, after scathing criticism of US intelligence in the run-up to war."

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Saddam mocks accusers: "Saddam Hussein arrives in chains at a palace complex once used by his inner circle for relaxation and pleasure."

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Several Blasts Heard in Central Baghdad: "Several explosions were heard Tuesday in central Baghdad. There was no immediate word on what caused the blasts. (AP)"

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Manila Gives Conflicting Signs on Iraq Pullout: "Philippine officials, trying to savethe life of a Filipino hostage, sent confusing signals onTuesday about pulling troops out early from Iraq, whileAustralia said it would bolster its forces. (Reuters)"

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US professors sending textbooks to Iraqi schools in IraqWar.info

Nations slow to contribute aid despite pledges in IraqWar.info


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