Sunday, April 25, 2004

Iraq War News
Four Children Killed by Gunfire After Iraq Attack: "Four schoolchildren were killed bygunfire in Baghdad on Sunday, shortly after a roadside bombripped through a U.S. military vehicle, witnesses said. (Reuters)"

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New deal on ceasefire, weapons in Fallujah: mediator: "A new agreement between officials in Fallujah and the US-led coalition was reached to extend the ceasefire "indefinitely" in the beseiged Sunni flashpoint and enforce a ban on carrying arms, a mediator involved in the talks told AFP. (AFP)"

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Suicide attacks on Basra oil supply: "Military chiefs in Iraq are weighing up an alarming new rebel tactic after suicide bombers struck at vital oil installations close to the British-held city of Basra."

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Dozens dead in Iraq day of violence: "A day of violence across Iraq resulted in at least 33 Iraqis and four American soldiers being killed"

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Australian PM does a Bush with secret mission to Iraq to thank troops: "Prime Minister John Howard, emulating his friend US President George W Bush, made a secret visit to Iraq to join Australian troops in the national Anzac Day commemoration of his country's war dead. (AFP)"

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