Thursday, February 19, 2004

Freedom Bicycle Ride - NYC - New York City - Featured Event 

Soldiers' Angels, Dan Forant and Keystone Soldiers unite in the Freedom Ride across the United States to symbolize bringing America together coast-to-coast to Support Our Troops On March 1, 2004.

Dan Forant, father of Spc. Daniel Forant, III will begin a 3,000 mile trip by bicycle to benefit our troops serving in Iraq. His journey will begin in Albany, New York and finish in California taking approximately 45 days, weather permitting.

Mr. Forant will have a laptop with video and still picture capability whereby that information is sent to New York City via uplink. America will be able to watch his daily progress by visiting this site. We ask all Americans to raise their communities & please pledge 1-penny for every 3 miles of the journey - approx. $20.00 for the entire trip. Or contribute whatever you'd like.
Proceeds for our Troops!

Soldiers' Angels was formed in July of 2003 by Patti Patton-Bader, Mother of Spc Brandon Varn
stationed in Iraq. Soldier's Angels mission is to provide aid and comfort to any armed forces fighting for freedom and their families. Soldier's Angels have to date sent over 2,000 packages to Soldiers deployed, helped the wounded at 3 major military hospitals and aided many families.

WWW.keystonesoldiers.com - Keystone Soldiers was founded in June of 2002 by Kyle Lord, or lordzmom as she is better known to the soldiers, when her own son, SPC Brent J Lord, was deployed for Operation Enduring Freedom. Even though her son is now serving in the states she felt there was still an urgent and compassionate need for Americans to show their support for others who are serving their country. Keystone Soldiers sent out over 600 Christmas care packages and 20,000 holiday cards to those who could not be with their families this year. Supporting those on the frontline of freedom!
Freedom Bicycle Ride - NYC - New York City - Featured Event


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