Thursday, February 12, 2004

Comfort Kit - Help a Wounded Soldier 

What a fantastic way to help a wounded
Our goal is to have these waiting
for each and every soldier
as they arrive at the hospital.

Most sick or injured soldiers are air-vaced with
only the bloody clothes they were injured in... some
don't even have shoes.
The army gives them $250.00
to replace their uniform
they can not leave until it is replaced.
That leaves precious little money to
replace all the other
essentials that were left behind and it
can literauly take MONTHS
for their belongings to catch up with them.

That's what makes your gift of a "Comfort Kit" so
For your $40.00 donation, one comfort
kit will be awaiting a wounded soldier

The "Backpack" is made of a durable
black canvas that can easily be cleaned and
will last a very long time.

In that kit, YOU will be suppling him/her
with the following essential items:
Comfort Kit - Help a Wounded Soldier


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