Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Council close to law on transition: "Members of Iraq's Governing Council are close to completing a transitional constitution that would make Islam a basis, but not the only one, for Iraqi laws, an Iraqi legal expert says. (USATODAY.com)"

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Israel identifies 28 outposts for removal: "The Israeli military has drawn up a list of 28 unauthorized West Bank outposts that need to be torn down as part of the U.S.-backed "road map" peace plan, security sources said Tuesday. The number represents less than half the outposts critics say Israel must dismantle under the plan."

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Kuwaiti stocks soar past 5,000-point mark on post-Saddam optimism: "The Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) index, which has risen since the April ouster of Saddam Hussein's regime in neighbouring Iraq, soared above the 5,000-point psychological barrier for the first time ever, on the back of highly optimistic economic factors, traders said. (AFP)"

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US troops round up 42 in Iraq sweeps, death in Kirkuk: "US troops have rounded up 42 people in the latest raids targeting loyalists of jailed strongman Saddam Hussein and foreign fighters north and west of Baghdad, while three soldiers were lightly wounded in a bomb blast outside Fallujah. (AFP)"

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Iran renames street named after assassin: "The Iranian capital has renamed a street that bore the name of the assassin of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, paving the way for a restoration of diplomatic ties between the nations, the official Iranian news agency reported Tuesday."

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US makes conciliatory gestures while vowing to keep Iraq whole: "The US Army pledged to pull down a symbolic barbed wire fence around Saddam Hussein's birthplace in a move aimed at easing tensions with Iraqis as the White House reaffirmed its commitment to Iraq's territorial integrity after a transfer of power scheduled for June. (AFP)"

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US army battles to keep soldiers: "The military prepares to introduce measures to prevent soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan from leaving."

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