Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas Heroes

I'd like to wish you the very best for the holidays and the coming New Year. I appreciate your willingness to serve our country and the personal sacrifices you have made for the freedoms of our nation and for the oppressed of other lands. You all are heroes. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you are away from your familes at this special time of the year. God bless you and keep you all safe!

Terry Doyle

Mom of Adam, Ft. Carson, CO

MIL of Jenny, Kuwait

It is the men and women of our country that join our military services that enable each of us the right to live the lives we live...from our freedom of speech, to our freedom of religion, right down to our right to vote...These men and women allow us to selfishly crawl into our oversized warm beds, and cover up with our security blanket and sleep soundly at night....What most of us 'americans' over look is...well, our military people ARE our security blanket!! Without them going threw these hellish times, where would we be??....

I am eternally greatful we have such brave men and women providing such a security for me and everyone else....These men and women are TRUELY our blessing from above, so I thank each soldier from the tip of my toes to the top of my head, and I thank God for each of them nightly...

To each soldier I share this thought that gets me threw what seems to be a trial of a day........

"There are blessings all around, sometimes we just can't see them, and sometimes we only see them later in life."

Thank YOU Heroes!

Vickey in Virginia

My thoughts are with you this holiday season and even though you are far away, I

hold you in my heart forever. Be safe thank you for all you do.

Merry Christmas Hero,

Patti Patton-Bader

To My Heroes...

Whereever I go,

Whatever I do,

I want you to know,

My thoughts and prayers are just for YOU!!



Future Marine, Trista

For all our wonderful military men and women. Thank you all for your service and sacrifice for our country. I'm sorry that many of you are spending the holidays away from home and family, but want you to know that you are in our hearts and thoughts, and that we are wishing you safe and speedy deployments.

Take care and stay safe,


Thank you for risking your lives over there. You are one person fighting for so many in the US and Iraq. Thanks,

The Bentz'

Thanks for fighting to keep our country free from terrorists. I respect you. I'm sorry you can't be here for the holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You're one of a kind and you're in my prayers. Come home safely.

Timothy Louis Cherry

You all are doing such a fine job, and I want you to know how very proud you make us here in America. I want to thank you all and wish you a Merry Christmas and New Years, and that you come home soon to celebrate the holidays that you spent away. God Bless you and know that you are thought of and loved by us daily.

Love and big hugs to you,

Dee Juliano

To all the soldiers, males and females. I just want to wish all of you a Merry X-mas. Remember that the big man up above is looking after each and everyone of you. You guys are true heroes! This country is very lucky to have brave people like you guys. Soon this will be over and you'll guys will be home.

Love, Miriam.

Every time I hear the song, " I'll Be Home for Christmas." I think of y'all. You are true heros. If there were more men and women like y'all in the world, there would not be so much hate. Even when we can not be with you, our thoughts are. May the Lord above continue to guide and protect y'all. May He bring each one of y'all home safe. Whenever a breeze goes across your cheek know that it is an angel sent to watch over you. When a breeze touches your head know that it is your family and friends reaching out to you. When you look at the stars know that we are all looking at the same stars and thinking of you. When you see the sun or the moon, know that it is God smiling down on you

May the New Year find you surrounded by family and friends.



I am writing to wish you all a Merry Christmas, I know it must be hard being away from families this time of year. I would also like to thank you for what you are doing to keep our country safe. Remember you are in our thoughts and prayers daily. I hope the New Year brings you home to your families.

I will be remembering one special Marine this Christmas, his name is Cpl. Jason Mileo. Jason was killed in action April 14, 2003, in Bagdad. Jason was my cousin and I miss hum dearly.

May God Bless You and keep you safe,

Mary from Pasadena, Maryland

To all our military men and women: My sincere thanks to all of you for what you are doing for our country. Your sacrifices, loyalty and dedication is what makes this country great. You are in my daily thoughts and prayers and I pray that our Heavenly Father protects you and brings you home again soon. Wishing you much peace and happiness this Christmas and always. God Bless you all.

Much love,


Dear Heroes,

Season's Greetings! You will have a special place in our hearts this holiday season. We are thinking of you, and we will never ever forget you.

You are in my prayers for your safe return home.

Merry Christmas!

Sharon Sparks

To our incredible Military:

Thank you for defending something to precious to us. Our Freedom.

Your bravery, dedication, and sacrifices are to be commended.

With much love,

Michele in Montana

I thank God everyday for our brave men and women in our U.S. Military...May God Bless you this holiday season. My thoughts and prayers are with each of you.


My thoughts and prayers are with all the brave men and women defending our country.We love you all., and are thinking about you now and always.

with love,

Melissa (maine)

For all our soldiers and sailors serving here and abroad: Thank you so much for your service to our country. Each and every one of you is "Person of the Year" and we owe you a debt of gratitude and appreciation. Sending you best wishes for a happy and safe holiday, and if you are deployed, a very speedy return home.

You are in our hearts and thoughts.


Proud Army Mom of Dan

To My Heroes,

Myself and my family will always have you in our hearts and prayers. We are very grateful for all you have done and the sacrifices you have made. I cherish my freedom and know who I owe it to. Keep safe-Be well-Come home soon !



By Peggy Baker

Mother of a Soldier

Today as we sit at our dinner tables, many of us will experience the absence of a family member, due to the upholding of our freedom. We will be brought to tears easily today but in a mixture of emotions. As for myself, my Soldier and I have spent the last 26 years of birthdays and holidays together?I will miss him terribly. On the other hand his absence has changed my life, as I am sure so many parents of soldiers can relate. I no longer take anything for granted. Everything I do is a precious freedom that I want to be thankful for. I never want to forget the brave men and women that have laid down their lives in order that I might sit here in my cozy home and enjoy all the blessings around me.

More than ever in my life I understand the meaning of patriotism. I experience that lump in my throat every time I hear the National Anthem, see our flag, or catch a glimpse of a soldier in uniform.

Because of my soldier?s commitment to our Country I have come to know some fine people. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and grandparents who are committed to making a difference in a soldier?s life. I am proud to know these people.

I received this e-mail from one of my ?adopted soldiers? ?

?It?s beginning to look a lot like Christmas?Even in Iraq.? Peggy,

I want to thank you for the phone card and Christmas decorations! It was really nice of you to send some of your own collection! We put the Santa on top of our tree in our MWR building and hung the Merry Christmas banner on our entrance way. I have also received decorations from Carol. I am planning on taking some pictures with my digital camera and sending you some so you all can see how you are ?lighting? up our holidays here! Thank you again!

Your friend,


NO Earl?THANK YOU! Thank each and every one of you that has given up so much for America! ?? We salute you??..

So when I sit down at my dinner table today, I will try not to be sad about what I am missing but rather be grateful for all I have been given?

God bless our Military and keep them safe.

Merry Christmas to all our sons and daughters!


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