Thursday, December 04, 2003

Iraq war news updates
U.N. plans long-term monitoring of Iraq: "U.N. weapons inspectors are planning for possible monitoring of Iraq's biological, chemical and missile programs despite being barred from the country by the United States, according to a report to the U.N. Security Council."

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The Long Way Home: "The journey home from Iraq is long and painful for the more than 2,100 soldiers wounded there in the past eight months. David Martin set out to meet some of the wounded and share their stories."

In CBS News: Iraq Crisis

Assad calls Israel source of violence: "Syrian President Bashar Assad on Wednesday accused the Israeli government of following "the policies of escalation and extremism," making the Middle East a more dangerous place."

In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq

Iraqis to Form Anti-Guerrilla Militia: "Iraqi political parties and coalition authorities are discussing the creation of a 1,000-member militia to bolster the U.S. military's fight against a guerrilla insurgency, U.S. and Iraqi officials said Wednesday. (AP)"

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White House: Geneva accord may be useful: "The architects of a far-reaching proposed accord between Israel and the Palestinians campaigned for Washington's approval Wednesday, but the White House said President Bush's blueprint for a Mideast settlement still was the best formula."

In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq

U.S. May Have Just Missed Second Most Wanted Iraqi: "U.S. troops probably just missedcatching the second most wanted man in Iraq in a major raid,but seized important individuals among 54 suspected guerrillasdetained, the U.S. military said on Wednesday. (Reuters)"

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A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq: "As of Wednesday, Dec. 3, 441 U.S. service members have died since the beginning of military operations in Iraq, according to the Department of Defense. Of those, 304 died as a result of hostile action and 137 died of non-hostile causes, the department said. (AP)"

In Yahoo! News: War with Iraq

Homeless in Baghdad: "Six-year-old Ali, and Sa'id, 10, are grubbing through the rubbish piled up near their temporary home behind the bombed-out Iraqi air force club in the capital, Baghdad. They are part of a new community of sorts sheltering in unfinished buildings at the club's compound, near the national theatre in the heart of the city."

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Coalition casualties accounted for (Updated 3rd of December) in IraqWar.ru (English)


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