Friday, November 14, 2003

Sound familiar?: "According to the New York Observer, the Coalition Provisional Authority has "severely limited" journalists access to newsworthy people and places in Iraq, including provisional government authorities. "In an effort to stanch the flow of reporting on small-scale terrorist activity and the resulting injuries to U.S. troops, sources said, morgues and hospitals in Baghdad have become impenetrable to reporters. Reporters have found their access to police stations cut off. When access is granted, reporters said, the C.P.A. often assigns 'minders' to accompany them," reports the Observer. Continue »"

In Alternet: War On Iraq

Give a hoot, don't salute: "While a group of women representing the Hooters restaurant chain were allowed to keep marching, a group of 30 military veterans critical of the war in Iraq who had properly registered were forcibly removed from a Veterans Day parade in Tallahassee. "Honor the Warrior, Not the War," read their banner. Continue »"

In Alternet: War On Iraq

More mayhem: "Reports on the latest bombing in Iraqhave 17 Italians and possibly eight Iraqis slain in Nasiriyah. The attack on one of the United State's few coalition partners instantly fuels controversy back in Rome, since the Italy's involvement in the war was opposed by most Italians but pushed through by staunch Bush ally Silvio Berlusconi, the country's billionaire prime minister."

In Alternet: War On Iraq

Documenting the carnage: "A British medical charity, MedAct, has produced an Oxfam-funded study titled "Continuing Collateral Damage: The health and environmental costs of war on Iraq," which calculates the toll of the war, both in terms of casualties and "how the general state of health of the Iraqi people, already poor by international standards, has been compromised further." According to the study, between 21,700 and 55,000 Iraqis died between March 20 and October 20 because of the conflict."

In Alternet: War On Iraq


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