Monday, November 17, 2003

Iraq War Updates
What Iraq will get isn't self-rule (17 Nov 03) in Radio Free USA

Questions for President Bush's next press conference (17 Nov 03) in Radio Free USA

Bush pulls out of speech to Parliament (17 Nov 03) in Radio Free USA

Top Iraqi Scientist Flees to Iran: "The Iraqi scientist who headed Saddam Hussein's long-range missile program has fled to neighboring Iran, a country identified as a state sponsor of terrorism with a successful missile program and nuclear ambitions, U.S. officers involved in the weapons hunt told The Associated Press.
Dr. Modher Sadeq-Saba al-Tamimi's departure comes as top weapons makers from Saddam's deposed regime find themselves eight months out of work but with skills that could be lucrative to militaries or terrorist organizations in neighboring countries. U.S. officials have said some are already in Syria and Jordan.
Full story at Fox

In Command Post: Irak


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