Saturday, November 15, 2003

Iraq War News
US works on power transfer to Iraqis under alarming violence surge: "The United States has moved to speed up the handover of power to the Iraqis by mid-2004, amid an alarming surge of violence that left another four more Americans dead despite a new US offensive to quell resistance to the occupation. (AFP)"

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Bomb kills US soldier in Baghdad, wounds two: military: "A roadside bomb exploded as an army convoy drove by in Baghdad, killing one US soldier and wounding two, the US military said. (AFP)"

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Bremer, Iraq Council Meet; Soldier Killed: "Chief U.S. administrator L. Paul Bremer on Saturday presented Iraq's Governing Council with Washington's new policy proposals aimed at speeding up Iraq's sovereignty, officials said. (AP)"

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'US offering Iraq independence by summer': "The US is prepared to grant Iraq independence by next summer."

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Friday is gloomy memo day: "A new CIA memo says that resistance to the US occupation in Iraq is clearly increasing.       A new Israeli memo admits that the country has done anything but comply with the "road map" for peace, constructing more settlements and trying to "whitewash their existence".       Yesterday British..."

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US steps up assault on Iraqi foes: "US forces step up air and ground attacks on Iraqi insurgents, killing seven after two more US soldiers died."

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Centcom boosts Qatar HQ: "US Central Command sends up to 300 extra staff to its forward HQ in Qatar to help support its operations in Iraq."

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Iran leader rips U.S. occupation of Iraq: "Iran's supreme leader said Friday that America's military occupation of Iraq was failing and criticized President Bush's call for greater democracy in the Middle East."

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U.S. general treads carefully in Iraq: "The tribal sheiks in Anbar had a clear message for Maj. Gen. Charles H. Swannack Jr. - the detention of Iraqi women is only creating new enemies for America."

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Coalition steps up security in Basra to ward off attacks: "Coalition forces heightened security in the southern Iraqi city of Basra, temporarily confining coalition civilian staff to their headquarters following a string of bomb blasts here and a deadly suicide attack in Nasiriyah, officials said. (AFP)"

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Busy News Day in Iraq: "An Apache helicopter killed seven suspected "insurgents" who were preparing to launch a rocket attack in Tikrit. 600 rockets were found at the scene.
One civilian contracter was killed an another injured when gunmen opened fire on a convoy in Balad.
Gunmen injured a Porteguese reporter and kidnapped another in Basra.
A roadside bomb exploded in Baghdad, injuring three.

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