Friday, September 26, 2003

U.S. holding 19 al-Qaida suspects in Iraq: "U.S. forces in Iraq are holding 19 suspected members of the al-Qaida terrorist network, the American civilian administrator said Friday."

In JuneauEmpire.com: Associated Press

West Bank gunman kills Israeli man, baby: "A Palestinian gunman broke into a Jewish settlement in the West Bank on Friday and opened fire in a home where a family had gathered to mark the Jewish New Year, killing an Israeli man and a toddler and shattering Israel's efforts to maintain calm over the holiday."

In JuneauEmpire.com: Associated Press

Schwarzenegger declines debate challenge: "Gov. Gray Davis challenged Arnold Schwarzenegger to a debate "right here, right now," accusing the actor Friday of distorting his record. The Schwarzenegger campaign declined."

In JuneauEmpire.com: Associated Press

Bush, Putin to hold talks at Camp David: "President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin brought deep differences over postwar Iraq and Iran's nuclear program to a two-day Camp David summit. But they were expected to play down those disputes and emphasize economic and anti-terrorist cooperation."

In JuneauEmpire.com: Associated Press


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