Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Iraqis mourn cleric; Brother blames U.S.: "About 400,000 mourners took to the streets Tuesday, flailing their backs and pounding their chests in anguish at the funeral of a leading Shiite cleric assassinated in a car bomb attack. In Baghdad, another car bomb exploded outside police headquarters, killing one and wounding 13."

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U.S. to train up to 5,000 air marshals: "The Homeland Security Department will train as many as 5,000 customs and immigration agents to serve as air marshals when U.S. airliners are especially threatened by terrorists, officials said Tuesday."

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Economy, Iraq focus for Bush upon return: "President Bush focused on the economy and national security on his first day back at work in the White House, and the administration said it was still struggling to come up with figures on the cost of rebuilding Iraq and the number of troops needed for the job."

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Kerry touts war experience in '04 kickoff: "Democrat John Kerry, seeking to regain his political footing, formally launched his presidential candidacy Tuesday by offering his Vietnam War-hero credentials and Senate tenure as an alternative to President Bush's record."

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Abortion doctor's killer expects 'reward': "An unrepentant Paul Hill boasted Tuesday on the eve of his execution for the shotgun slaying of an abortion doctor: "I expect a great reward in heaven.""

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Cancer deaths may be leveling after drop: "Cancer deaths may be leveling off after several years of decline, and many states are lagging in proven methods to fight the most common tumors, says the nation's annual report on cancer."

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