Thursday, September 25, 2003

Iraq war news
U.S. may send more soldiers to Iraq: "The United States may have to alert thousands more National Guard and Reserve troops within weeks that they are needed for duty in Iraq, the Pentagon's second-ranking general said Wednesday."

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U.S. forces kill 18 in heavy Iraq clashes: "Bombs rocked a teeming quarter of Baghdad and a sex-film theater in Mosul on Wednesday, reportedly killing at least three Iraqis and wounding dozens. In a string of ground clashes, the U.S. military said they killed nine Iraqis on one of the bloodiest days of combat in weeks."

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Saddam burgers: "An Iraqi war-themed restaurant in China was forced to change its name by state officials. "Iraq" served such treats as "cooked Saddam" by waiters wearing army fatigues. Rifles and bayonets adorned the walls. China cracked down on "Iraq" within days of its opening, calling it tasteless."

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U.S. soldier in Iraq speaks out: "Tim Predmore, on active duty with the 101st Airborne Division in northern Iraq, has written a brave essay exposing the hypocrisy of Bush's war. He writes, "For the past six months, I have been participating in what I believe to be the great modern lie: Operation Iraqi Freedom."
Predmore continues, "I once believed that I was serving for a cause - "to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States". Now I no longer believe that; I have lost my conviction, as well as my determination. I can no longer justify my service on the basis of what I believe to be half-truths and bold lies."

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Security lacking: "One of only three women on Iraq's Governing Council remains in critical condition after her car was ambushed by men with semiautomatic weapons in an assassination attempt Saturday morning. This comes after other members of the Governing Council have been pleading with U.S. authorities to provide them with more security and bodyguards. Women in Iraq have thus far not only been largely excluded from the reconstruction process, but looting, violence and threats of extremism have kept them in their homes. They are also facing restrictions on their rights by religious fundamentalist groups. Continue »"

In Alternet: War On Iraq


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