Thursday, September 25, 2003

Iraq war news
Iraqi Council Member Dies of Wounds: "Aquila al-Hashimi, one of three women on Iraq's American-picked Governing Council, died Thursday, five days after she was shot in an ambush. Earlier, a bomb exploded outside the hotel housing NBC staff, killing a Somali guard and injuring a Canadian sound engineer. (AP)"

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CIA: No Conclusion in Iraq Weapons Hunt: "An interim report by the CIA's chief weapons hunter in Iraq will not make any claim of finding weapons of mass destruction, say officials at the intelligence agency. (AP)"

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Family of dead Iraq expert condemns UK government (25 Sept 03) in Radio Free USA

CIA-led hunt for weapons of mass destruction yields - nothing (25 Sept 03) in Radio Free USA

GM crops? No thanks - Britain delivers overwhelming verdict after unprecedented public opinion exercise (25 Sept 03) in Radio Free USA

Iraq Violence Hits Several Targets: "A member of the U.S.-picked Governing Council died of wounds suffered days earlier in assasination attempt, one person died when the hotel where NBC reporters are based was bombed, and seven U.S. soldiers were wounded in Mosul."

In CBS News: Iraq Crisis

Report: No WMD Found In Iraq: "A preliminary report from the group hunting Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction contains no evidence of illegal weapons. The CIA says the interim report is not the final word."

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RISQ joins in launch of News Exchange in RISQ

Saddam Missed by Miles: "...so says the former Iraqi (Dis-)Information Minister. From The Australian :
US bombing did not target the places where Saddam Hussein was sheltering during the Iraq war, according to the former Iraqi information minister Mohammad Said as-Sahhaf.
The former Baath official said the ousted president made his first wartime speech from a house close to his main palace.
" Only once did the bombing target an area 400 to 500 metres away " from where Saddam had been staying, "in a simple villa at the edge of the Zahra neighborhood" of Baghdad, Sahhaf told Abu Dhabi Television.
At one point, Saddam stayed for " five consecutive days in al-Amirat street of the Mansur neighborhood ," but it was never hit by the US bombers, Sahhaf told the channel in the United Arab Emirates capital of Abu Dhabi in the second of a series of interviews to be aired over several weeks.
Sahhaf said Saddam, who wrote his speeches himself since " some time in the 1980s ," had made his first televised address of the war on March 20, hours after a pre-dawn US attack aimed at killing him, from a house adjacent to the main presidential compound in Baghdad.

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