Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Iraq war news
Bush Is Criticized At U.N. Over Iraq: "UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 23 -- President Bush, defending the invasion of Iraq before the United Nations today, endured a torrent of criticism from world leaders who warned that his policy of unilateral action to confront emerging threats to U.S. security could destroy the 58-year-old international organization. (washingtonpost.com)"

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Under Fire at UN, Bush Rejects Early Iraq Transfer: "President Bush on Tuesdayrejected any speedy transfer of power to Iraqis as worldleaders criticized him for bypassing the United Nations tolaunch the war that ousted Saddam Hussein. (Reuters)"

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US clears soldiers in killing of a TV cameraman: "A US military investigation has cleared US troops who mistakenly shot and killed a Reuters TV cameraman as he was videotaping near a US-run prison in Iraq last month, a US defense official said. (AFP)"

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Officials to Get Update on Iraq WMD Hunt: "The man in charge of the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is briefing senior intelligence officials in Washington this week but the public may not be told of his findings right away. (AP)"

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A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq: "As of Tuesday, Sept. 23, 304 U.S. service members have died since the beginning of military operations in Iraq, according to the Department of Defense. (AP)"

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U.S. Forces Attack Iraq Farmhouse, Kill 3: "U.S. soldiers backed by helicopters firing rockets attacked a farmhouse Tuesday, killing three Iraqis and wounding three others, villagers said. The U.S. military said soldiers followed suspected guerrillas into this village after a patrol was ambushed. (AP)"

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Families protest Iraq deployment extension for reservists: "Hundreds of families of US reservists and National Guard soldiers are protesting against an order extending their stay in Iraq to a year or more as casualties mount. (AFP)"

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France A U.S. Friend Or Foe?: "CBS' Mark Phillips presents the Inside Story on the ongoing clash between the U.S. and France."

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US Soldiers Kill 3 Iraqis: "Sept. 23 - A US aircraft fired six missiles into a farm north of Fallujah on Tuesday, killing three men and wounding three others, police and villagers said."

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They lied and many soldiers died (23 Sept 03) in Radio Free USA


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