Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Iraq war news
$20B Iraq Plan Call for Museum, ZIP Codes: "President Bush's $20.3 billion proposal for rebuilding Iraq includes money to establish ZIP codes there, help Iraqi workers learn English and start a museum of former leader Saddam Hussein's atrocities, an administration document shows. (AP)"

In Yahoo! News: War with Iraq

Iraq Council Head Shifts to Position at Odds With U.S.: "Ahmad Chalabi, the president of Iraq's interim government, has become a nationalist with a loud, independent voice."

In New York Times: World Special

Plenty of Clues in Iraqi Crimes, but Few Trails: "For those investigating recent bombings, classic crime-solving techniques are running into the harsh realities of postwar Iraq."

In New York Times: World Special

Two Government Witnesses Recalled in British Suicide Inquiry: "Two senior members of Prime Minister Tony Blair's government made return appearances before the inquiry investigating the suicide of the weapons expert David Kelly."

In New York Times: World Special

Suicide Attacker Who Struck at U.N. Carried 2 Bombs: "A man was wired to 50 or more pounds of explosives that he detonated on Monday in the parking lot of the United Nations compound."

In New York Times: World Special

Iraq and Ailing Economy Leave Bush Aides on Edge: "When George W. Bush addresses the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday, behind the proud words will be a president in a less potent political position than a year ago."

In New York Times: World Special

Medals for His Valor, Ashes for His Wife: "Sgt. First Class Paul Ray Smith, who was killed in Iraq, may be awarded the Medal of Honor. Whether this gives his widow solace seems to depend on the day."

In New York Times: World Special


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