Sunday, August 03, 2003

U.S. troops detain 25 Iraqis in raids: "U.S. soldiers detained about two dozen people, including a "targeted leader" of Saddam Hussein's regime, in a series of Sunday raids against people said to be participating in the violent resistance to the U.S. occupation."

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Liberia prepares for wary peacekeepers: "People in Liberia's besieged capital readied to welcome the first peacekeepers Monday, but the commander of the West African force tempered expectations by saying that the first contingent would only secure the airport outside the bloodied city."

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Ashcroft: al-Qaida could strike again: "Following the release of a new tape said to be from al-Qaida, Attorney General John Ashcroft warned Sunday of a "very real potential" for attack by Osama bin Laden's terrorism network."

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Gay bishop-elect wins 1st of 2 last votes: "A New Hampshire clergyman moved a step closer Sunday to becoming the first openly gay elected bishop in the Episcopal Church, winning one of two final votes required to be confirmed."

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Crews in Mont., W. Canada fight wildfires: "As Glacier National Park officials prepared to reopen some areas that had been closed by wildfires, firefighters in extreme northwestern Montana had help from the weather as they tried to rein in a blaze that had jumped the main defense line."

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Four Israelis wounded near Jerusalem: "Palestinian and Israeli foreign ministers disagreed Sunday over the possibility of a permanent cease-fire, and shortly afterward four Israelis were shot and wounded near Jerusalem."

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