Sunday, August 24, 2003

Iraq's political groups seek role in security in IraqWar.ru (English)

Widow fears Pentagon 'lying' on pneumonia in IraqWar.ru (English)

Military Mute On Vaccine Danger? in IraqWar.ru (English)

U.S. Weighing Missile Defenses for Airliners in IraqWar.ru (English)

Japan seeking multi-billion-yen purchase of U.S. missiles in IraqWar.ru (English)

Three British Soldiers Killed in Iraq-Spokesman in IraqWar.ru (English)

U.N. Chief Says New Force in Iraq Can Be Led by U.S. in IraqWar.ru (English)

U.S. Expects Informal Direct Talks With North Korea in IraqWar.ru (English)

Afghan Governor Says 2 Troops, 4 Taliban Killed in IraqWar.ru (English)

U.S. Wants U.N. Security Council to Deal with Iran in IraqWar.ru (English)

Sanctions Harden Iraqis Attitude to U.N. in IraqWar.ru (English)

13 Victims Identified in Iraq Bombing in IraqWar.ru (English)

U.S., U.N. May Face Many Enemies in Iraq in IraqWar.ru (English)

Turkey Says a Stable Iraq Is a Priority in IraqWar.ru (English)

Army Short on Replacement Parts in Iraq in IraqWar.ru (English)

7 Kurds, 2 Turkish Soldiers Die in Clash in IraqWar.ru (English)

Annan: Broader Iraq Force Faces Hurdles in IraqWar.ru (English)

New Top UN Official In Iraq Named in IraqWar.ru (English)

US heads fail to win Iraqi hearts in IraqWar.ru (English)

Palestinian forces make arrests in raids: "Palestinian security forces began a series of raids in the Gaza Strip, seizing weapons, shutting down two smugglers' tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, and arresting at least 12 smugglers, a Palestinian security official said Saturday."

In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq

Hamas: Europe should rebuff U.S. demands: "Europe should reject U.S. demands to freeze the funds of Hamas officials and pro-Palestinian charities, the Lebanese representative of the Hamas militant group said Saturday."

In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq

New "corrected" Bush-Cheney newsticker for your website or blog: "      Catalyzer has just released a corrected Bush campaign news ticker, with minor improvements (click here for an example), similar to the one shown on the right side of the page.  To add the feed, add the code:                  "

In Catalyzer Newsroom

Not News, but an Annoucement: "For those of you who have read the OpEds of LT Smash on Command Post, I just want to let you know that the LT's pieces will no longer be " Live From the Sandbox ," as he is on his way home from Iraq.
Thank you for a job well done and welcome home .

In Command Post: Irak

Attack in Iraq leaves 3 U.K. troops dead: "The death toll among coalition forces rose Saturday when three British soldiers were killed in a guerrilla attack in southern Iraq. Also, U.S. troops killed two Iraqi Turkomen who opened fire when soldiers arrived to quell a bloody ethnic clash in the north."

In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq


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