Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Huge car bomb blast hits U.N. HQ in Iraq: "A car bomb exploded in front of the hotel housing the U.N. headquarters on Tuesday, collapsing the front of the building, the U.S. military said. At least nine people were wounded."

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Bush hopeful energy bill can be reworked: "President Bush voiced confidence Tuesday that pending energy legislation in Congress can be reworked to address the sort of electricity transmission problems typified by last week's widespread blackout."

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Rivals' speeches heat up Calif. recall: "Gov. Gray Davis prepared to take his case to an audience at UCLA. Arnold Schwarzenegger promised a discussion of economics. And Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante is proposing "tough love" - including tax increases - for Californians."

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Dow, Nasdaq both rise 9 in early trading: "Stock prices have opened the session slightly higher, with the Dow Jones industrial average rising 9.03 to 9,421.48 in early trading, and the Nasdaq up 8.88 to 1,748.37."

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3 DEAD IN UN HQ TRUCK BOMB: "At least three dead and dozens more injured in suicide truck bomb attack on UN building in Baghdad..."

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Tom Sizemore convicted of domestic violence: "Tom Sizemore was convicted in a Los Angeles courtroom recently of one count each of domestic violence, criminal threats and vandalism and three counts of making obscene phone calls to ex-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss."

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Saddam Hussein's Vice President Captured: "Taha Yassin Ramadan, who served as vice president under Saddam Hussein, was handed over to U.S. forces in Mosul on Tuesday, the U.S. Defense Department said. (AP)"

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U.S. Official Claims Syria Aids Terrorists: "The top American official in Iraq accused Syria of allowing "terrorists" to cross the border, and U.S. forces on Tuesday reported another attack, this time from assailants firing from behind an ambulance. (AP)"

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Blair's Master of Spin Quizzed Over Iraq War: "Prime Minister Tony Blair's top aidefaced forensic questioning about Britain's case for war in Iraqwhen he took the stand on Tuesday in a high-stakes inquiry intothe suicide of weapons expert David Kelly. (Reuters)"

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US Troops Fire at Iraqi Ambulance During Gunbattle: "U.S. soldiers shot at an Iraqiambulance during a battle with attackers who had opened fire onan American base, the U.S. Army said on Tuesday. (Reuters)"

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