Friday, July 18, 2003

U.S. soldiers blow up Saddam statue: "With a thunderous explosion from 12 pounds of plastic explosives, the U.S. military toppled a 30-foot statue of Saddam Hussein on horseback from its perch overlooking the dictator's hometown Friday. Soldiers also defused a huge homemade bomb near Baghdad's airport."

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Bush, Blair defend claims about Iraq arms: "President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair contend they won't be proved wrong in their prewar claims about Iraq's weapons capabilities. Even if they are, says Blair, a menace has been defeated."

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Analysts reportedly missed faked documents: "Documents alleging Iraq sought uranium from Africa were obtained months before President Bush cited them in making his case for war, but intelligence analysts did not look at them closely enough to know they were forgeries until after Bush had made the claim, U.S. officials say."

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Philippines OKs cease-fire with rebels: "The Philippine government announced a cease-fire deal with a Muslim rebel group Friday, agreeing to drop arrest warrants against rebel leaders for alleged terrorism to pave the way for peace talks as early as next week."

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Israel may free jailed Islamic militants: "Israel may release a few dozen Islamic militants along with several hundred other Palestinian prisoners, a move that could give a critical boost to lagging peace efforts, an Israeli newspaper reported Friday."

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New chip can be implanted in humans: "Borrowing from technology for tracking pets, a U.S. company on Thursday launched Mexican sales of microchips that can be implanted under a person's skin and used to confirm health history and identity."

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