Thursday, July 03, 2003

NC Soldier injured 

ND Guard Member Injured in Iraq

(AP) -- A North Dakota National Guard soldier has been injured in Iraq. Officials say the injuries are not serious.

Specialist Jonathan Sigl of Bismarck was wounded shortly before 5:00 p-m Central time yesterday while on boat patrol near Ar Ramadi. The 22-year-old is with the 957th Multi-Role Bridge Company.

Guard spokesman Rob Keller says Sigl suffered shrapnel wounds to his back and shoulder when mortar rounds landed in the area of the patrol on the Euphrates River. Keller says officials believe the mortar rounds were enemy fire.

Sigl was taken to a medical aid station -- where he is reported to be doing well. His mother -- Julie Haussler of Bismarck -- says she talked to her son, and that he sounded a bit shook up but said he was fine.

She says Jonathan wants to stay in Iraq with his fellow soldiers.

Keller says no other members of the unit were hurt. He says no other details about the incident are immediately available.

Keller says Sigl's injury is believed to be the first attack-related injury to a North Dakota Guard member in Iraq.

Members of the Fargo-based 142nd Engineer Battalion also are in Iraq.


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