Friday, July 11, 2003

Iraqi police seek to avoid U.S. troops: "With daily shootings and rocket attacks against U.S. soldiers claiming two more lives, even Iraqi policemen said Thursday they want to keep a safe distance from coalition troops for fear of getting caught in the crossfire."

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The Liberian Conflict: a case for regional peace enforcement? in RISQ

U.S. said to doubt British intelligence: "U.S. intelligence officials had doubts about the quality of a British intelligence report alleging Iraq was seeking uranium from Africa in the weeks just before and after President Bush made the allegation in his State of the Union address in January, senior U.S. officials said Thursday."

In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq

Bomb explodes in Pakistan office: "A bomb on Friday shattered windows in a 10-story office building in Pakistan's troubled port city of Karachi, killing one person, police and witnesses said."

In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq

US Senate unanimously approves measure seeking NATO, UN support in Iraq: "The US Senate unanimously approved a measure calling on the White House to consider requesting NATO and UN troops in Iraq. (AFP)"

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Troop rotation system to be finalized shortly in IraqWar.info

Britain making waves about Gitmo Brits in IraqWar.info

Suspected in Luxor massacre extradited: "A suspected planner of the 1997 Luxor massacre that killed 62 people - mostly tourists - was handed over by Uruguayan authorities to Egyptian police Thursday, according to news reports."

In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq

Bush Knew Iraq Info Was False: "When President Bush told the nation, incorrectly, that Iraq had tried to buy uranium from Africa, he did so despite being warned by the CIA that it wasn't true, CBS News has learned exclusively."

In CBS News: Iraq Crisis

America's Iraq: "Two months after the welcome demise of Saddam Hussein's regime, it has become customary to say that the US won the war and is losing the peace in Iraq. This formulation, coined to describe US neglect of Afghanistan following the fall of the Taliban, gives the Bush administration too much credit. There were never any serious plans to "win the peace" in Iraq, as is obvious from the chaotic aftermath of the large-scale combat. The editors of Middle East Report comment."

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Senate Pushes for NATO, U.N. Help in Iraq: "The U.S. Senate voted unanimously onThursday to encourage President Bush to reach out to NATO andthe United Nations for help in peacekeeping and rebuilding inIraq, reflecting mounting worries in Congress that the post-waroperation is stumbling. (Reuters)"

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Beeb asks viewers about Iraq coverage: "Iraq: Pubcaster plans quarterly report on aud feedback BBC governors are to poll U.K. viewers about whether they feel the pubcaster's programs are biased in light of its controversial coverage of the Iraq war."

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