Friday, July 11, 2003

Iraq War Blog Updates
Suspected rebels kill 4 people in Turkey: "Suspected Kurdish rebels raided a village in southeastern Turkey, killing four villagers and injuring another, an official said Friday."

In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq

Two Iraqis Wounded After Attack on U.S. Troops: "Two Iraqis were wounded when theirvehicle was caught in crossfire after a rocket-propelledgrenade attack on a U.S. patrol near Baghdad airport, the U.S.military said on Friday. (Reuters)"

In Yahoo! News: War with Iraq

'Comical Ali' Leaves Baghdad, Might Not Return: "Former Iraqi Information MinisterMohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, who earned the nickname "Comical Ali"during the U.S.-led war on Iraq, made a sudden appearance inAbu Dhabi on Friday, saying he might not return to hishomeland. (Reuters)"

In Yahoo! News: War with Iraq

Iraqis Call For Self-Rule: ""A conference of 900 Iraqi notables have demanded the quick establishment of an Iraqi government to combat the lawlessness and insecurity that reign three months after the overthrow of President Saddam Hussein and his Ba'athist regime. The group said the transitional government should have a six-month mandate, renewable once only, to draw up a constitution for the new Iraq. The move puts new pressure on the occupying forces to agree to some form of Iraqi government, rather than the interim political council which the United States now favours." Zaki Yahya reports from Najaf for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting."

In Electronic Iraq

CIA tried to persuade British to drop Iraq uranium allegations: "The US Central Intelligence Agency tried unsuccessfully last September to persuade the British government to drop from an official intelligence paper a passage alleging that Iraq had sought to buy uranium in Africa, The Washington Post reported. (AFP)"

In Yahoo! News: War with Iraq

Paris Club seeks swift restructuring of Iraq's debt: "The Paris Club of creditor nations said it is ready to restructure Iraq's public debt of more than 21 billion dollars (18.5 billion euros) as soon as possible. (AFP)"

In Yahoo! News: War with Iraq


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