Thursday, July 17, 2003

Iraq war blog updates
Democrats Rip White House on Iraq Claim: "Senate Democrats insisted Wednesday that the White House was clearly responsible for including false information about Iraq's weapons program in President Bush's State of the Union speech. (AP)"

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Alleged Saddam Spy Charged With Perjury: "A community newspaper publisher accused of spying on Iraqi opposition groups in the United States for Saddam Hussein's intelligence service was charged Wednesday with perjury. (AP)"

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Senators Fight Over Iraq War Fund Figures: "Republicans defeated Democratic attempts Wednesday to force disclosure of Iraq war spending, a partisan fight in advance of expected bipartisan passage of a $386.6 billion defense spending bill that would let the military fight wars of the future. (AP)"

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Some U.S. troops may spend year in Iraq: "Some U.S. troops may have to stay for yearlong tours of duty in Iraq to fight an increasingly organized "guerrilla-type campaign" from Saddam Hussein loyalists, the war's American commander said."

In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq

President Bush's ex-envoy for Afghanistan criticizes U.S. effort in Iraq (16 July 03) in Radio Free USA

Senate, FBI Probe Iraq Documents Flap: "Senators pressed CIA Director George Tenet on Wednesday about whether President Bush's use of false information on Iraq's weapons program was the result of an isolated error, deeper intelligence problems or political manipulation. (AP)"

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CIA chief Tenet appears at closed-door hearing on Iraq intelligence: "The US Senate Intelligence Committee heard secret testimony from embattled CIA director George Tenet, who has taken the blame for President George W. Bush's disputed claim that Iraq tried to buy nuclear material from Africa. (AFP)"

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Missile Fired at U.S. Plane in Iraq: "In a marked escalation in attacks, suspected insurgents tried to shoot down a U.S. transport plane with a surface-to-air missile Wednesday, killed an American soldier in a convoy and gunned down the mayor of an Iraqi city. (AP)"

In Yahoo! News: War with Iraq

Pentagon fails to learn from Gulf War illnesses: " (USA TODAY)"

In Yahoo! News: War with Iraq


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