Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Explosion at Mosque Kills Five Iraqis: "A massive explosion destroyed a mosque in this restive town, killing at least five Iraqis and injuring four others, witnesses and officials said Tuesday. The blast raised tensions in a region already simmering with anti-American activity. (AP)"

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U.S. Troops Attacked Again in Iraq, Blast Near Mosque: "American soldiers were hurt in twoseparate attacks in Baghdad on Tuesday and an explosion besidea mosque in the troubled town of Falluja killed at least oneIraqi. (Reuters)"

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Cleric Wants Iraqis to Write Constitution: "Iraq's leading Shiite cleric has issued a ruling condemning the idea of a constitutional council put together by the American occupation authority."

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Trying to Set Up Democracy in a Divided Kurdish Region: "A look at the Kurds' faltering experiment with democracy shows how difficult it will be to establish a pluralistic political system in Iraq."

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Bloggers gain protection from libel: "Bloggers not liable for libel."

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