Saturday, July 26, 2003

Armed men seize Manila commercial center: "Dozens of armed men stormed a major commercial center in Manila's financial district early Sunday, hours after the president ordered the arrest of mutinous soldiers believed to be plotting a coup."

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Three American soldiers killed in Iraq: "A grenade attack Saturday killed three U.S. soldiers and wounded four as they guarded a children's hospital northeast of Baghdad, scuttling hopes a widespread guerrilla insurgency might lose strength after the deaths of Saddam Hussein's elder sons."

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Liberian president renews pledge to quit: "President Charles Taylor urged international peacekeepers Saturday to hurry to Liberia and renewed pledges to step down when they arrive, as shelling brought new carnage to the capital's trapped people."

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Body is found in Baylor player search: "Authorities found a body Saturday in an area they had searched for missing Baylor basketball player Patrick Dennehy, but they could not immediately identify the remains."

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More than 200 celebrate slain councilman: "More than 200 people promised on Saturday to continue the anti-urban violence campaign championed by city Councilman James Davis, praising the slain politician for his life and work."

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Palestinian: Bush, Abbas visit a success: "A top Palestinian official on Saturday called the meeting between Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas and President Bush a success and urged Israel to move quickly to implement the U.S.-backed Mideast peace plan."

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