Saturday, June 14, 2003

US troops battle resistance in Iraq as Chalabi warns Washington: "US forces in Iraq pressed on with attempts to crush resistance to their occupation of the country, as a prominent Iraqi politician warned they could not expect to see attacks end unless they gave local people more power. (AFP)"

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CIA reassigns two top Iraq experts amid WMD controversy: "The US Central Intelligence Agency has reassigned two senior officials who oversaw its analysis of Iraq and its suspected weapons of mass destruction, according to a media report. (AFP)"

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Battle Gives Look at U.S. Tactics in Iraq: "A battle between tanks and guerrillas north of Baghdad shows the strategy U.S. forces are trying to use in their fight against pro-Saddam holdouts: draw opponents into the open, then pound them with helicopters and armor. (AP)"

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Dollar Returns to Center Stage in Iraq: "For much of Saddam Hussein's regime, possession of U.S. dollars was a crime punishable by the amputation of a hand. But nowadays the greenback is the hottest item in Baghdad. (AP)"

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Six companies buying Iraq's first post-war oil batch: "Six companies have agreed to buy 10 million barrels of Iraqi oil, marking the country's first major oil export since the invasion by the US and Britain."

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