Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Pentagon Considers Keeping Embedded Plan: "Attaching journalists to U.S. military units headed for battle may become an official Pentagon policy, the Defense Department's spokeswoman said Tuesday. (AP)"

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U.S. Frees 11,000 Detainees, Holds 2,050: "U.S. forces have released more than11,000 prisoners taken in Iraq but are still holding more than2,050, most of whom it deems common criminals, the U.S.military said on Tuesday. (Reuters)"

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2 Former Cabinet Members Say Britain Exaggerated Iraq Claims: "The members told a House of Commons committee today that Britain made selective use of intelligence to justify going to war."

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Reach of Iraq's cultural theft crisis extends far beyond Baghdad Museum: "In mid-April, newspaper headlines around the world declared that as many as 170,000 antiquities were looted from Baghdad's National Museum. But current news reports give disparate figures that range from 1,000 to even as low as 28 missing items. Unesco estimates the loss to be between 2,000 and 3,000 objects. The truth is that we may never know exactly how many pieces were stolen, considering that many of the recently excavated pieces in storage had not been documented and inventoried. Despite this, it is worth examining how and why the numbers changed so drastically. Regular eIraq contributor Maureen Clare Murphy investigates."

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Palestinian leader meets with militants: "Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas met with Palestinian militant leaders Tuesday to try to negotiate an end to attacks on Israelis, as Israel weighed the implications of releasing uprising leader Marwan Barghouti as part of a possible cease-fire deal."

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Iran studying nuclear monitoring demand: "Iran said Tuesday it was "studying positively" a request by the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency that the country allow unfettered inspections of its nuclear facilities, as pressure mounted over U.S. claims it is developing weapons."

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Powell to meet Sharon en route to Jordan: "Secretary of State Colin Powell will arrive in Israel on Friday to meet with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, amid increased efforts to bolster a shaky U.S.-backed peace plan, a government official said Tuesday."

In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq


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