Sunday, June 08, 2003


Campbell reassures MI6 over 'dodgy dossier': "Downing Street communications chief Alastair Campbell has reassured the intelligence services that the Government would take "far greater care" in using their material following the "dodgy dossier" on Iraq."

In Ananova: War In Iraq

4 Israelis killed at army post shooting: "Three Palestinians disguised as Israeli soldiers sneaked into an army post Sunday and killed four Israelis before being killed by troops, the first deadly attack since last week's Mideast summit."

In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq

Iraqi killed in clash with US troops: "An Iraqi civilian was killed by U.S. troops during an ambush in the troubled city of Fallujah, the military said Sunday."

In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq

Dutch To Send 1,100 Peacekeepers To Iraq: "From the Tri-City Herald / AP :
The Netherlands will send 1,100 peacekeepers to southern Iraq to join the British-led multinational stabilization force, the Dutch government said.
The Cabinet decided Friday to contribute a battalion of marines under a U.N. Security Council resolution, according to a Foreign Ministry statement posted on its Web site.
Of course, here at TCP we've benefited from Dutch assistance, in the form of Oskar , since the beginning.

In Command Post: Irak

Most Iraqi Treasures Recovered: "From WaPo :
Reports describing the looting of Iraq's archaeological treasures from the national museum were exaggerated, and most of the precious inscribed tablets, gold jewelry and artwork dating from the birth of civilization have been recovered, a team of U.S. investigators said today.
The biggest prize so far was the discovery this week of the world-famous treasures of Nimrud, which had been hidden for the last decade in a secret vault beneath the ransacked Central Bank in Baghdad ...
... Initial estimates after the war ended in April suggested that as many as 170,000 pieces, including the Nimrud treasures, were lost or stolen during the sacking of the museum, according to U.S. officials. They now say 3,000 pieces remain unaccounted for and may have disappeared into the shadowy world of black market antiquities trading.

In Command Post: Irak


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