Thursday, June 12, 2003

CIA Taps Ex-UN Inspector to Help Find Iraq Weapons: "Amid the failure so far to findIraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction, the CIA said onWednesday it had enlisted a former chief U.N. nuclear weaponsinspector to refine the search. (Reuters)"

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Global scramble for Iraq work: "Frims gather in the US to bid for reconstruction work amid continuing uncertainty."

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U.S. captures suspected Saddam loyalists: "Using jet fighters, tank-buster aircraft and patrol boats, the U.S. military launched a massive operation to crush opposition north of Baghdad and captured nearly 400 suspected Saddam Hussein loyalists in a bid to end daily attacks against American soldiers."

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Annan's envoy holds fourth day of meetings with Iraqi political leaders: "United Nations envoy Sergio Vieira de Mello held his fourth day of consultations with Iraqi political leaders on Wednesday and again stressed that he would do everything in his power to assist the Iraqi people ?at this critical juncture in their history.?"

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Baghdad: A race against the clock: "Eight weeks after victoriously entering Baghdad, American forces are in a race against the clock. If they are unable to restore both personal security and public services and establish a better rapport with Iraqis before the blistering heat of summer sets in, there is a genuine risk that serious trouble will break out. This ICG briefing paper focuses primarily on the immediate aftermath of the war, reconstruction and humanitarian assistance and is based on fieldwork that ICG began in the latter part of May 2003 within the city limits of Baghdad."

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Food aid vital for 16 million people: "After living on monthly food rations for the last seven years, Nazdar Isma'il cannot imagine what her life would be like without the assistance. "If the food rations were stopped tomorrow, I don't think I would be able to feed my four children," she shyly admits. "With the little money my husband makes as a taxi driver, we pay the rent, buy a few clothes, and the rest goes for medicine for the children. There is not much left over to buy food in the market," Nazdar told IRIN."

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Justice in July: Protest George W. Bush: "The National Constitution Center opens in Philadelphia on July 4, and George W. Bush has been invited to celebrate. We're inviting thousands of people from Philadelphia and around the country to protest against Bush and the unconstitutional policies of his administration."

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300 bands say the peace movement must keep moving: "A reworked version of the peace movement fundraiser CD ?Peace Not War?, was compiled with 11 new tracks for American release, and is released today through Mordam Records. The cult-classic double-album will be backed up by a new website with 300 anti-war songs by both signed and bedroom-studio musicians from around the world, anti-war images and a peace group search engine."

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UN Children?s Fund warns of surge in diarrhoeal diseases: "Warning that in Iraq diarrhoea is a major killer, the United Nations Children?s Fund (UNICEF) has reported much higher rates of the disease than this time last year. ?While diarrhoea may sound trivial, in Iraq it kills,? UNICEF spokesman Geoffrey Keele told a briefing yesterday in Baghdad, noting that prior to the latest war, 70 per cent of all child deaths in the country were due to diarrhoea and respiratory infection."

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