Monday, November 07, 2005

Blogger Deck of Cards 

We’ve all heard about the Iraq War deck of cards featuring Iraq’s 55 “most wanted” leaders that were distributed to American troops at the start of the war. After that, political card decks were all the rage.

There were the Bush Cards, the Democratic Weasels cards and countless others.

They are not a new invention, however. In 1863, a double pack of cards was printed by Mortimer Nelson, one showing Confederate Generals, the other showing Union Generals. Many packs were printed during the first and second world wars depicting people in the news that were in politics…Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt.

In later years, there were several packs printed that poked fun at the world leaders… "The Politicards" series first came out in the days of Nixon, then Carter, then Reagan and finally, Clinton. Link.

Now, Aaron of Aaron’s is proposing a Deck ‘O Bloggers 2005 card deck featuring all the best known bloggers. Drop over and vote for your favorite Blogger.

All of which should mean that it is time for a re-issue of that 1957 classic talking song, The Deck of Cards by Wink Martindale. Everyone of a certain age - or, more likely, an uncertain age - should remember The Deck of Cards. It was about a young American soldier arrested for playing cards in church. It ends with the much parodied lines: "and friends, the story is true. I was that soldier." You can find news of Wink - still with his own radio show, it seems - and the lyrics of the song on the internet but it is interesting how decks of cards and soldiers seem to be forever intertwined. Link.

Hattip to Matt at BlackFive.


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