Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Video of an IED Strike 

Michael Yon posts today on his blog about Mosul, Iraq.  In it he references an IED strike.

Many readers have asked for combat video. I have made a few videos of fighting, but mostly photos. Nevertheless, to see a real IED strike on our troops while I was in Baquba (near Baghdad), please click the title of the story above. The video was shot by 1st Infantry Division soldiers that I often accompanied in Baquba.

No one was hurt, thank God.  Visit his blog to see the video and read his interesting post, including:

The enemy’s operating practices for overcoming delivery and timing problems speak volumes about their predatory nature. They use human bomb delivery devices—the miss-labeled "suicide bombers"—who become organic elements of primitive weapon systems. They call these temp workers "martyrs," in a shameless exploitation of the na?vet? and narcissism of certain young men. The "martyrs" allow themselves to be used as targeting and acquisition systems. More than just "allowing" they actually see the act of mass murder as the fulfillment of a glorious plan.

Good job Michael.


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