Monday, August 15, 2005

Scorch Marks in Iraq 

From the Dawn Patrol at The Mudville Gazette I found a link to Capt. Danjel Bout’s blog; 365 and a Wakeup.  His post titled: Scorch Marks is worth reading.  It’s good to hear that day in and day out Soldiers are doing their jobs – killing terrorists – and staying safe at the same time due to their training.

 The moment the car turned its nose towards the patrol and started to pick up speed the troops recognized that this wasn’t a confused driver trying to find a shortcut to work. This was a VBIED.  Weapons slewed into position and as the car continued to pick up speed the soldiers engaged with their rifles. A split second later the harsh crack of rifle fire was eclipsed by the unholy thump of a heavy machine gun engaging the target. The windshield blossomed into a spider web of broken glass, and the driver slumped over from the impact of a dozen rounds. Unfortunately there was no stopping the ironclad laws of inertia, the vehicle continued to lurch forward until it fluoresced into a shrieking high explosive fireball. The hard wave of concussion slammed into the troops like a sledgehammer, a welter of metal and meat following an instant behind. The vehicles engine block rocketed forward and slammed into the armored HMMWV, glancing off the thick steel with a metallic hiss. The soldiers who had dismounted the vehicle managed to take a knee a split second before the powerful explosion, leaving them mercifully free of almost all of the screeching fragments.

 Thanks to the alert soldiers in Demon Company the only life that ended that day was the suicide bombers. All that will mark the bombers bitter existence is a scorch mark on a worthless piece of road. A scorch mark that will forever recount his dismal failure.

Good job!


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