Thursday, May 26, 2005

Support The Troops 

This year Memorial Day falls on the “real” date (May 30th) as established in 1868. In 1971 congress turned it into a 3 day weekend. I urge the return to the traditional date. Regardless, as Memorial Day approaches we pause to remember those service members who gave the last full measure of devotion to our country. Visit http://www.usmemorialday.org/ for more information.

Don’t forget those who are still serving, however.

Below are several groups who work to support our military personnel. Please see if any of them are interesting to you and perhaps you would like to volunteer or contribute to them. Our favorite is Soldiers’ Angels. Pick your favorite and help Support the Troops.

Any Soldier™ - http://www.anysoldier.com/

-Marty Horn
SFC, USA MP, Retired
Group’s message: Want to send your support to a soldier in harm's way, but have no idea of what to send, who to send it to, or how to send it? Any Soldier™ gives individuals and groups everything they need to really do more then just put a magnet on their car. AnySoldier.com currently lists over 3,500 military contacts in the war who get your mail and pass on to the soldiers around them. Any Soldier Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization making a real difference, with your help. Presently, Any Soldier™ is supporting 90,403 male service members and 22, 566 female service members.

Helmets to Hardhats www.helmetstohardhats.org

Sarah Hayes
Marketing Director



Group’s message: Helmets to Hardhats is a nationwide program that connects National Guardsmen, Reservists, transitioning military members and veterans with quality career training and employment opportunities in the construction industry. Please tell your friends and family about this free program that is available to all of those that have served our country. To learn more about the program, please visit our website.

Homes For Our Troops – http://homesforourtroops.org

Victoria Mosier
Administrative Director
Office 508-823-3300
Group’s message -
Homes for Our Troops assists injured veterans and their immediate
families by building new or adapting existing homes for handicapped
accessibility for our American heroes. We accept and welcome financial contributions as well as in kind donations of labor and building materials. Please visit the website to sign up! With your help we can accomplish our mission. Please feel free to contact us by phone, email us to share your thoughts, or request assistance. We hope that you will visit www.homesforourtroops.org often to see the progress we are making in the aid to our military and their families. Thank you.

RecruitMilitary - http://www.recruitmilitary.com

Drew Myers, former Marine Corps captain




Group’s message:
RecruitMilitary, founded in 1998, helps find civilian jobs for men and women who are
transitioning out of the armed forces, military veterans with varying amounts of business
experience, members of the reserve forces and National Guard, and military spouses.
The company offers a full range of products and services to corporate America through its website at http://
http://www.recruitmilitary.com/; including the ability to search its database of over 80,000 registered veterans and spouses. All of the company’s services are free to job candidates.

Soldiers' Angles - www.soldiersangels.org

Don MacKay, Director of Operations

soldiersangels@gmail.com (address your email to Don)

Group’s Message:
The mission of Soldiers’ Angels is to facilitate the “adoption” of a U.S. Soldier. You get your own soldier, they get an “angel”. We ask that you write to your soldier at least once a week and send a care package at least once a month. You can adopt one soldier or a whole group. Please visit our website to see all of our special projects, some of which are: Wounded Soldiers Project (you can write the wounded), Operation Top Knot (reach out to families who had babies born while their soldier is deployed), Family Outreach Team (support for family members who have a soldier deployed), and the Letter Writing Team (where you can specify how many soldiers’ addresses you want to receive, on which days, so you can write to them). Soldiers’ Angels will be receiving the names of 3,000 newly deployed soldiers this week (we got 9,000 during the third deploy) and we need angels!! This is very gratifying work! Please join today to adopt a U.S. Soldier!


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