Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Smugglers' Blues 

My wife's nephew (from a first marriage) who we remain close to, is a chopper pilot for the 1159th Air Medial Company Detachment (Air Ambulance). They are an Aviation Brigade of the 29th Infantry Division of the Maryland Army National Guard. He is serving his second tour of duty in Iraq.

He sent us a link from a forward unit of the 1159th located in Tal Afar, Iraq and assigned to the 2-14th Cavalry Medical Platoon.

The Smugglers' Blues

Operating under the unit call signs Smuggler 40 & 41 they have a few photos and a great video
featuring both video footage and still images. Click over to the video page and watch it! From the opening:
The 1159th Air Medical Company is dispatched to Iraq in support of OIF III.

A forward unit was assigned to Tal Afar and attached to the 2-14th Calvary. Their mission, to provide rapid evacuation to the injurd soldiers of the Cav.

The Smugglers Blues

From the 1159th website:
The 1159thth Medical Company Detachment(Air Ambulance) supports Division or equivalent size forces. Using UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters, medevac pilots, crewchiefs, and flight medics perform rescue and medical evacuation missions.

When deployed the 1159thth Medical Company Detachment(Air Ambulance) supports the Division's area support and forward support medical companies.
Advanced avionics and extended range fuel tanks enable Blackhawk Air Ambulance helicopters to operate over longer distances and in day, night, and instrument conditions.

The crewchief and flight medic operates the cabin mounted, high performance rescue hoist performing rescue operations over land and water. The flight medic is qualified and equipped to provide advanced trauma life support. Up to four trauma patients can be transported in side the helicopter.
Keep up the good work!


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