Friday, April 01, 2005

Home Defense 

I've been reading about BlackFive's recent drinking escapades in Chicago with a group of fellow bloggers and have enjoyed all the new blogs it has led me to. They are an interesting and talented group of writers.

In the course of reading, I came upon Harvey’s blog,
Bad Example. There I found a well written and highly informative guest post by Peter of Carnival of Cordite: Long Guns for Home and Personal Defense

It is a long read full of good information concerning gun ownership and self defense in your own home.

This week we are going to discuss long guns for home and personal defense. There are many reasons why a person would choose a long gun instead of a handgun, the most obvious being that some locations have Draconian laws about the ownership of handguns by civilians. A strong second reason is that some long guns are nearly impossible for a child, too young to understand, to shoot. In a later installment we'll talk about the fact that it is very difficult to childproof a gun kept in a ready state but quite easy to gunproof a child who is strong - meaning old - enough to work the action.

Hattip to Teresa of Technicalities who led me to Bad Example.


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