Friday, March 25, 2005

Sew Much Comfort 

An Angel recently directed me to Andi's World, a Soldier's wife posting to a blog whose "hubby" is on active duty. Be sure to bookmark her blog and check in often.

I direct you to Andi's post about Sew Much Comfort. Be sure to read the whole post. It's not that long and it's for a good cause.

Sew Much Comfort Deserves Some Exposure

Twice I've blogged about Sew Much Comfort. Currently, the problem is one of exposure. Namely, Sew Much Comfort needs some in order to reach the troops who can truly benefit from its product. Ginger Dosedel -- a true angel -- founded this incredible organization. Ginger is a military wife and mother of three. One of her children is a cancer urvivor who still has significant medical problems to contend with. In between flying from Washington to Minnesota to see her son's specialist, Ginger manages to squeeze in mothering her children, supporting her husband, sewing for amputees, visiting soldiers and their families at Walter Reed and taking wives and female soldiers out for shopping sprees. Yes, Ginger Doesdel is Superwoman.

If you've never been to Walter Reed or Bethesda Naval Medical Center, it's next to impossible to describe the experience. Nobody understands this better than Ginger, which is why she personally delivers the adaptive clothing to these heroes. Military families truly appreciate it when someone, like Ginger, invests their own time to sit and talk with them.

The Sew Much Comfort website debuted a couple of weeks ago. Soldiers can now log on and order underwear and pants free of charge, they can even request special fabrics. Ginger and her partners want to encourage more people to use this new feature. Want to know just how much this product means to soldiers:

One of the soldiers, upon receiving a pair of pants, cried when she realized the pants would cover her fixator, provide her with comfort and protect her dignity. The realization she could wear underwear again left her speechless.

I recently heard from the wife of a soldier whose leg was amputated. Ginger took him a pair of her fixator pants and even made a matching pair for his child. The wife raved about Ginger, and her product.

Ginger does a million things behind-the-scenes that she doesn't talk about. I know about her acts of kindness through people who have personally benefited from them. Ginger works incredibly hard to bring
some dignity to our wounded heroes, and smiles to the faces of their families. If you know someone at Walter Reed or Bethesda who could benefit from Ginger's adaptive clothing, let her know.

Lastly, why not email Ginger and her business partner, Michele, and simply thank them for devoting their time and energy to helping our amputees and other severely wounded troops.

Sample of the adaptive clothing for amputees and wounded soldiers with leg fixators. Notice that one leg is made larger than the other, this is to accommodate the injury. Ginger has also made pants for double amputees.

I'm sure you can see how Ginger and Michele at Sew Much Comfort are true "Angels". Visit and offer an encouraging word. Contribute if you can. Spread the word if you have a blog.


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