Wednesday, March 23, 2005

On Patrol In Iraq 

Matt at BlackFive points us towards a great read from a Lt. on patrol in Iraq.

There are only two days in Iraq; the day you get here and the day you

March 16, 2005 was the single best day thus far of my time in Iraq. The day started off as any other. I got out of bed, and donned cammie top, bottom, boots, threw a cap on my head, made sure I had a 30 round magazine on my weapon stock. Op checked the “mistress”, grabbed my back pack and headed out the door, total time from eyes open to departure, 4 minutes. I looked bad, and felt worse.
Sleep is the only escape here, and that has come with such randomness as of late when I get it I have to trick myself into accepting that I can actually do it. As per the norm when I got into the TOC I was bombarded with the SITREP, and all the things that intel is supposed to know ad naseum and verbatim. For those of you old enough to remember the TV show “Taxi” at the end when the credits had rolled. We hear a female voice saying “Goodnight Mr. Walters.” Mr. Walters replies, inaudibly; Mr. Walters: “Mumble mumble…” That is my usual response until I get to my desk and get the SITREP (Situation Report, a snapshot of what has happened in a given time). The day itself was shaping up to be more if the same a real snoozer.

Read the rest of it here. I have added him to the Warrior links on the left.


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