Friday, March 25, 2005

Kentucky National Guard MPs In Action 

DOD: A Kentucky National Guard unit is being credited with responding in “textbook” fashion during an ambush in Iraq March 20, killing 27 insurgents and capturing a sizable weapons cache and valuable intelligence.

Army Sgt. 1st Class Marshall Ware and Capt. Todd Lindner, platoon sergeant and commander of the Richmond, Ky.-based 617th Military Police Company, respectively, credit training and sticking to the rules with their unit's success in killing 27 insurgents during a March 20 firefight. Photo by Donna Miles

The insurgent death toll is the highest in Iraq since the Fallujah operation in November 2004 and, according to Army Capt. Todd Lindner, commander of the Richmond, Ky.-based 617th Military Police Company, represents “without a doubt, one of the most significant impacts an MP company has had in this war.”

Lindner credits his unit’s dogged commitment to training and unwillingness to cut corners with preparing his soldiers for the firefight along an alternative supply route about seven miles southeast of Baghdad.

An ambush by insurgents in Iraq on Sunday wounded, from left, Spc. Bryan Mack, Sgt. Joe Rivera and Spc. William Haynes II of the Kentucky National Guard. Link

Matt at BlackFive has the After Action Report - Raven 42 Ambushed!

Those seven Americans (with the three wounded) killed in total 24 heavily armed enemy, wounded 6 (two later died), and captured one unwounded, who feigned injury to escape the fight. They seized 22 AK-47s, 6x RPG launchers w/ 16 rockets, 13x RPK machineguns, 3x PKM machineguns, 40 hand grenades, 123 fully loaded 30-rd AK magazines, 52 empty mags, and 10 belts of 2500 rds of PK ammo.
Read the post at BlackFive. It is something you will never see in the MSM. Two of the MPs were females. Way to go!! Lets not talk about women in combat.


Insurgents Attack Convoy Poor quality. Wildly panning. At the end a Humvee drives into frame. Via a DVIDS link - opening seems to say the video was taken by the insurgents!

Interview with SGT Morris - Sergeant Dustin Morris of the 617th Military Police Company, Kentucky National Guard, speaks to NEWS 14 Carolina about his involvement repelling an insurgent attack against a convoy his unit was escorting.

MP Interviews After Insurgent Ambush - Interviews include Specialist Ashley Pullen, driver (from Edmonton, KY); Staff Sergeant Timothy Nein, squad leader (from Clark County, IN); Specialist Mike, medic (from Radcliffe, KY), Specialist Jessie Ordunez, gunner (from Marshall County, KY). Video from Multi-National Corps-Iraq Public Affairs. See related interviews with SGT Morris / NEWS 14, SGT Hester and CPT Lindner / CBS, and SGT Hester / CNN

Interviews with various members of the unit.


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