Wednesday, March 02, 2005

In the year 2014, The New York Times will go off line. 

I returned yesterday from a 5 day convention for professional photographers and my head is spinning from all things relating to digital photography.  I was reading up on my posting program of choice, BlogJet, and followed a couple of links and discovered a marketing blog called brand autopsy. From there I found this fascinating link about the possible future of Google.

Follow the link below and watch this 8 minute streaming movie.  Very Orwellian in what's ahead for the MSM.

Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson, staffers at the Poynter Institute for Journalism in Florida, give us their vision of how Google will rule the media landscape in 2014.

Done from a ‘backcasting newsreel’ perspective, Sloan and Thompson express their vision of the future as if we, in 2004, were viewing it in 2014.

Click here to stream the fascinating eight-minute EPIC 2014 newsreel video.

After watching this movie I think Hugh Hewitt has not over sold the power of the blogosphere one bit in his recent book, Blog.

I will be visiting brand autopsy regularly.


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