Wednesday, February 09, 2005

They Never Got The Memo 

As a volunteer for Soldiers’ Angels, we have been in contact with several Soldiers in Iraq over the past year, sending letters of support and care packages. One of our Soldiers, who is on his way home at this time, was stationed at Camp Bucca in southern Iraq for 12 months.

So, it is quite fun to run across this photo post from Daniel at Schadenfreude showing several photos of Camp Bucca. The last photo took place in October 2004 and offers a humorous tweak at the activity pictured.

A Sample photo of Camp Bucca.

If you are living here for a year, I can understand why you might want to roll around in a swimming pool of muddy water.

I don’t see any info about the two bloggers who run this blog, but I like their posts and will add them to the blog roll under Warriors.

Hattip to InDC.


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