Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Patrick Ruffini Blog 

Yesterday on Hugh Hewitt’s program RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman mentioned some blogs he visits from time to time.  Among the usual suspects he mentioned patrickruffini.com.  I had not heard about Patrick’s site so I visited.

 From his ‘about’ page:

Patrick Ruffini is never far from the place where politics meets technology. Until recently, Ruffini was webmaster for the Bush-Cheney '04 presidential campaign, proudly serving as part of the team that executed the most sophisticated online strategy in political history. At the campaign, Ruffini was responsible for day-to-day website operations, designing creatives to crisply communicate the President's message, and developing special features surrounding major events like the Conventions and Presidential debates. Ruffini also designed and served as chief writer for the campaign's official blog, and managed the campaign's outreach to the blog community.

I found his Research page very interesting and worth visiting.  Continuing to quote from his ‘about’ page:

The important 2000 election spurred Ruffini into his study of voting trends in America, seeking to apply scientific rigor to the analysis of precinct-by-precinct election results. His ongoing work in this area is available through the Research section of this web site.

All and all a nice find.  Stop in and visit Patrick’s blog and you will learn that the President has an iPod and what music he enjoys and that the First Lady enjoys on line shopping, just like my wife.


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