Tuesday, February 15, 2005

More on Marine 2ndLt Pantano 

I see that Bill O’Reilly has picked up the story and aired a segment tonight with Lt. Pantano’s Attorney, Charles Gittins. Bill is not happy and he is “troubled” by it and plans to “keep an eye on it.” Bill’s initial reaction is that he does not like what is happening. This will probably generate more buzz in the blogosphere and maybe bring in more MSM.

Bloggers with new posts today that caught my eye:

GaijinBiker at Riding Sun chimes in with a post from Japan: Marine deserves medal, gets murder charge

Pantano's situation is tragic not just because his valiant service is being rewarded with a potential court-martial, but because it will lead all our troops, in Iraq and elsewhere, to second-guess themselves. And if the fear of ending up in Pantano's position causes them to hesitate an extra second before pulling the trigger, some of them will die.

Mrs. Greyhawk at The Mudville Gazette offers a Line In The Sand. she says in part:

We have one side of this story and I hope for the sake of our military and for this Marine that this becomes a clear cut case with no grey areas. If not, one thing is certain, the line drawn in the sand will become less visible to our troops. These sort of charges could set a new precedent for our troops that could leave them confused and less productive and possibly get them killed.

Hindrodket at PowerLine also weighs in with this:

Pantano's mother has been active in his defense, and he appears to have a good lawyer. Based on Scarborough's report, this is the kind of case that a lawyer would love to take to a jury. There may be more to it, of course.

We do have only one side of the story at this point and will have to wait for further details. Until then we offer support to Lt. Pantano.

Lastly, John at Commonwealth Conservative “the internet’s first elected blogger” has several good comments and observations plus a post by a Naval JAG officer:

While the facts set forth make it readily apparent that this officer is innocent of murder, it would be reasonable for the Convening Authority’s staff judge advocate to recommend convening an Article 32 hearing, the military equivalent of a civilian grand jury proceeding pursuant to 10 USC sec. 832, to guide the CO’s decision on how to handle this.

I think that’s lawyer talk for what Lex was saying in an earlier post – Let the system work and we’ll see what shakes out. Commonwealth Conservative is a wealth of information on this case.


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