Friday, February 18, 2005

More on 2ndLt Pantano 

Chester at The Adventures of Chester posted late last night about Lt. Pantano. He pointed to another post at Positaria by Van Mendenhall:

For a soldier during the Vietnam War, shooting yourself in the foot was seen as a good way to get oneself removed from that tropical bloodbath alive and plenty of them did exactly that. With the war in Iraq it is not the soldiers who are shooting themselves in the foot this time but the brass.

All military service commands these days are faced with leftist media that attempts to paint the military as raging, pillaging barbarians intent on imperialist conquest, mindless murder and destruction. As the recent CNN/Eason Jordan affair unarguably proves, the media hates the military, the current president, and is not too fond of the USA either. The media has spun virtually every hint that US soldiers were not behaving like Shirley Temple at a tea party, into atrocities worthy of a war crimes tribunal. And it is our American soldiers, young kids, really, who are being made the victims in this media-politics-motivated propaganda warfare, aided and abetted by roughly one half of congress or a certain political party.

In the latest case, Marine Lt. Ilario Pantano was charged with premeditated murder during an operation when he attempted to stop fleeing terrorists during a raid. This case is similar to the November Fallujah incident in which an unnamed marine shot and killed a captured, wounded prisoner who appeared to be making a move toward a concealed grenade. Here we have another case of the military command second guessing the actions of soldiers in battle, repeat, in battle, where their own lives are constantly in danger. Unless one has experienced warfare, it is impossible to image the degree of terror experienced by soldiers and under which they are expected to make rational decisions as if they were sitting behind a desk.

Well worth reading.

While I was off playing with the colors of my blog (see below) I missed an update on this story by Riding Sun. He brings a new twist to the overall story. We will have to wait and see what shakes out.


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