Sunday, February 06, 2005

LtGen Mattis Gets Hosed by the MSM 

By now you've no doubt heard about the media pile-on over Lt. General James Mattis remarks.

The San Diego Union-Tribune put it this way:

General's Fun-to-fight Comments Draw Fire

A Marine Corps general with ties to Camp Pendleton has sparked global debate by saying "It's fun to shoot some people" and poking fun at the manhood of Afghans during a speech Tuesday in San Diego.

Lt. Gen. James Mattis made his comments at the San Diego Convention Center amid an exposition sponsored by the U.S. Naval Institute and the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association.

A career infantry officer, Mattis until recently commanded the 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton. Now stationed in Quantico, Va., he is in charge of developing better ways to train and equip Marines.

Sounds like he was walking down the street shooting people left and right!

We support General Mattis and recognize the context in which his remarks were made. We support the Marines who are placed in these situations where it is necessary to act. We understand the mind-set necessary to carry out their mission. The MSM disagrees with this straight forward, non-PC, tough talk directed at fellow Marines and tries to portray it as an abomination. Those of us in fly-over country recognize it for what it is - motivation. Not to kill people, but to do a difficult job that needs to be done. You hear similar "dark" talk in police stations, fire houses and prisons across the country when people are asked to perform their jobs under dangerous, difficult and often hellish conditions where their very life is in jeopardy every minute that are "working."

Many bloggers have thoughts that are better phrased than I, so here is a quick round-up.

Cassandra at Villainous Company posts
In Defense of Jim Mattis

Was what Jim Mattis said smart? Hell, no. But it was true. I'd wager to say that if you asked most Marines, the reason they joined the Corps was just that: to protect women and children against the kind of bullies who brutalize the weak.

Do they "enjoy" killing? I doubt it. That was probably a poor choice of words. But I imagine there is something tremendously satisfying in removing those scum from the face of the earth once and for all.

Chester over at The Adventures of Chester makes the case that General Mattis was using the same plain language that General George S. Patton would and also offers first person stories. (About Mattis, not Patton.)

The man is harder than woodpecker lips. Comments like this will probably keep him from being Commandant, but don't rule him out for a three or four star field command, even CentCom. Remember, two and a half years ago, he was just a Brigadier General.

Beth at My Right Wing Conspericcy says that it is indeed "Fun to shoot some people.... if they are Jihadis, that is."

God, you know this is going to get the liberals all riled up, forgetting, of course, that he’s indirectly supporting feminism. But then again, to them, Muslim women don’t need freedom. None of those “brown people” do.

“Prompting laughter from some military members"? How about cheers? OOH-RAH! I raise my glass to General Mattis–he’s just saying what a lot of us (veterans and civilians included) would say. Call me what you want, but I’d happily go and fight those bastards if I could.

Romeocat at CatHouse Chat offers this and this.

We train our armed forces to blow things up and kill the bad guys, why should we ping on them when they take satisfaction in their job?

Hat tip to Matt at Blackfive who started it all (for me) here.


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