Friday, January 28, 2005

Prayers and Tears 

From Deb at Marine Corps Moms,

Yesterday, Marine families all over the world held their collective breath as they heard of the tragic helicopter crash which claimed the lives of thirty Marines and one Sailor, who may have been a corpsman assigned to save their lives in case of injury. Thirtyone families are forever altered and our hearts and prayers reach out to them.

Twenty-seven of the Marines are from Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe Bay. Marine brother Liam sends along this request:

I just wanted to ask if y'all could pray for my brother James and his marine brothers from Hawaii. They just lost 27 of their men and prayers are needed now more than ever. If you could pray for them that would mean the world to us.

From Major General Natonski, CG for 1MARDIV

Although our mission is dangerous and we understand the risks associated with our task, losses of this magnitude remind us all of how fragile life is.

Remember their sacrifice. Remember their families. Remember them all in your prayers.


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