Tuesday, January 25, 2005

No Support for Our Troops at Oregon University 

A campus employee at the University of Oregon was told to remove a magnetic yellow ribbon sticker that says "Support The Troops" from the back of his maintenance vehicle after another employee complained.

Someone saw it as a political statement. "I don't know how they think these are political... I think they're patriotic," said Pete Baker, U of O delivery driver. Baker has had the stickers on his work truck... for months. Friday, a university employee complained. Now the stickers are gone.

It seems that the trucks are "part of a public institution. Under state law... public employees can not use state resources to spread political messages. The university determined that some may view the yellow ribbons as a political statement... threfore they demanded that all those stickers be removed."

I hope someone complains about the typical anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-American and anti-God posters you so often see in university professors' offices. I would think that scotch taping such posters to their walls is no different that sticking a yellow ribbon magnet on the back of your truck. If one has to go, they all should go.

It all started here, with more posts at Captain's Quarters, Kevin McCullough, Michelle Malkin, Myopic Zeal, Outside The Beltway and Wizbang to name a few.

Hat tip to Paul Harvey where I first heard about this.

Good day.

UPDATE: From Japan, read this post by Riding Sun

In response to blogosphere outrage over the University of Oregon's ordering delivery driver Pete Baker to remove a "Support Our Troops" magnetic yellow ribbon from his state-owned work truck, University President Dave Frohnmayer claimed that his hands were tied:

Maybe Frohnmayer thought no one would actually read Section 107103-5, but I did. It states the following: (Read it all at Riding Sun).

UPDATE II: Great posts at My Newz'n Ideas, she is tracking the swarm and Marine Corp Moms has a copy of the letter she sent to the president of the University. Those Marine Mom's know how to lay it on the line.


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