Monday, January 31, 2005

Iraqis Vote... 


Iraq Election Photos 

I was surfing around looking to collect and post photos of the Iraq elections and found this collection at Casey J. Lartique, Jr. I stopped looking for more. Visit for a great selection of images.


Kerry - "Don't Over-Hype This Election" 

Whose idea was it to book Senator John Kerry as the single guest on Meet the Press yesterday? On a historic day when Iraqis are voting in a democratic manner, wouldn't you think that would be the top story? (They did do a quick "cautious" update from Brian Williams, but then it was on to the star attraction.) Why was it necessary to have the big French speaking looser on the show? You would think it was a slow news day. Did everybody else turn down an invitation to appear?

I only caught parts of the show (that's all I could stand before walking away from the TV to cook breakfast. I'm reminded that there are times when I don't want to watch TV in high definition!) The thing that struck me was how much Kerry loves to talk about himself. It was constantly "I". "I" did this. "I" thought this. "I" ment this. "I" did that. The transcript of the show is posted here. A quick count of how often he refers to himself in the interview turns up 190 uses of "I". Throw in "I'm" or I'll" and you add another dozen to the count.

Kerry goes through the usual list of why Bush is bad and how he would be better for the country. Perhaps his most memorable (or stupid) quote has to be

"Secondly, it is significant that there is a vote in Iraq. But no one in the United States or in the world-- and I'm confident of what the world response will be. No one in the United States should try to overhype this election. "

Oh no. We don't want to promote the concept of a democratic vote taking place in Iraq and the prospect of FREEDOM for Iraqis. We should listen to what the WORLD (substitute French) tells us is important!

Ann Althouse has an excellent post and puts it this way:

Remember when we had to listen to Kerry's tiresome explanations every day? What's the point of listening to him now? It's oh so dreary, and on a day when we should be feeling very happy about the Iraqi elections. I guess "Meet the Press" is a nice haven for anyone who doesn't want to have to see positive Bush-related news. Come on over here and wallow in despair. Gaze upon the haggard, hang-dog face that represents your dashed hopes!

Memeorandum has a list of links about Kerry's appearance. Powerline has great analysis about Kerry's bogus journey to Cambodia. Little Green Footballs asks: "Kerry Ran Weapons to the Khmer Rouge?" Just One Minute ponders "Kerry To Sign The 180!" referring to DOD form 180 to release ALL of his service records. "So, will Kerry keep his promise this time, or will he do a 180 on the 180?" Captain's Quarters observes "Kerry did everything but actually pour ice water on the set to douse the enthusiasm for the tremendous success of the Iraqi election". And last but not least, Long Time Gone reminds us "World Cheers, Democrats Boo".

Can't wait for the next time Kerry or Kennedy or Boxer or any other liberal moonbat opens their mouth and inserts their left foot.

UPDATE: Cassandra over at Villainous Company has a great post about Kerry's pledge to sign form 180. Nice find of a new (for me) blog.


Saturday, January 29, 2005

From Marine Corps Moms 

Marine Corps Moms

Yesterday's helicopter crash that claimed the lives of 30 Marines and one Navy Corpsman marked the largest loss of Marines in a single incident since the Oct. 23, 1983 bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon when 241 U.S. Marines were killed when a explosives-laden truck driven by terrorists crashed through a checkpoint and into the barracks where they slept. Reports from Iraq have said the Marine helicopter was flying in a sandstorm - an unavoidable condition in a war zone.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of these Marines who were all veterans of the successful Battle of Fallujah in November 2004 - they will forever be remembered as the heroes they were. Information on each fallen hero can be found here.

Here is information about 3 who were from Ohio:

1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division, 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force, Marine Corps Base Hawaii

Sgt. Michael W. Finke Jr., 28, of Huron, Ohio

Sgt. Michael Finke Jr. knew what he wanted to be from the get-go: A Marine. Always. His family knew it. Heather, his wife of two years, knew it. He was born to wear the uniform, they said. "He enlisted halfway through his senior year in high school," said Finke's dad, Michael Finke Sr. "We had to sign the papers because he was under age. Once he graduated, he went right out to basic training." And once he was a Marine, Finke, of Wadsworth, Ohio, was ready to make it a career. "I know it sounds corny, but everybody loved Michael," said his dad, who last spoke to his son on Tuesday ? a day before Finke's helicopter crashed in Iraq, killing everyone on board. What'd they talk about? Nothing. Everything. Mostly, they talked about the Marines. Finke, 28, a veteran Marine of nine years, was happy to leave Fallujah, he said. But he had been moved by the people he met there. "He told me, 'They are just like us.' "

Cpl. Richard A. Gilbert Jr., 26, of Montgomery, Ohio

Cpl. Richard Gilbert Jr. was looking forward to coming home next week from the war in Fallujah, Helen Gilbert, his mom, said. Foremost on Gilbert's mind: a good, old-fashioned American shower, with plenty of water. "I think he said it had been 19 days since he had had a shower," his mom said. Gilbert, of Dayton, Ohio, arrived in Fallujah last August and spent 2y´ months of a 100-day tour in some of the heaviest fighting of the war without getting a scratch. But getting home had been on the music lover's mind. He longed to play his guitar. As a political-science major at Dayton's Sinclair Community College, Gilbert, 28, dreamed of finishing college, running for city commissioner, then mayor, then Congress, and eventually president of the United States, his mother said. Now, instead of planning a homecoming, the family is planning Gilbert's funeral. "I never dreamed I would have to bury one of my children," said his mom. "But the last thing we said to each other is 'I love you.' "

Lance Cpl. Jonathan E. Etterling, 22, of Wheelersburg, Ohio

Lance Cpl. Jonathan E. Etterling joined the Marines to experience the Corps' intense lifestyle, but when he deployed to Iraq, he found that his mission meshed perfectly with his own core beliefs. "If he was your friend, he was your friend," said his father, William Etterling, from the family's home in Wheelersburg, Ohio. "He could not abide a bully. I think that is one reason he felt so strongly about Iraq. He felt he was helping to overthrow a bully, Saddam." The younger Etterling ? a 22-year-old who left for boot camp two weeks after high school graduation in May 2002 ? wanted a career in law enforcement, his father said. He was an easygoing young man "who didn't make any enemies," his father said. He discovered that war was dangerous, grinding work. Once, the heavy-weapons specialist was wounded in the knee by shrapnel and on several other occasions was saved by his bulletproof vest. When he called home Saturday for the last time, his parents could tell he was exhausted. "He said he had everything they needed on the verge of battle," his father said. "He was ready mentally, physically and spiritually to do what was needed. He said to have no regrets if something happened."

We salute these Marines from Ohio. We would be remiss if we didn't also mention the single Sailor killed in this tragic accident. Continuing to quote from Marine Corps Moms:

Naval Medical Clinic Hawaii, Marine Corps Units Detachment, Pearl Harbor

Petty Officer 3rd Class John D. House, 28, of Ventura, Calif.

Petty Officer House had been a father for less than a month and had seen his son only through pictures - James was born to his wife Melanie on Christmas Eve. In an interview with the Ventura County Star, his parents described his relationship with the Marines he served with>

"In one of the letters he wrote, 'I know all of them ... even in the dark, by their mannerisms,'" Susan House of Simi Valley, Calif., read, choking back tears. "'I don't know how I am going to deal with losing any of them. It is my job to take care of them and keep them safe.'"
Petty Officer House extended his deployment because of a shortage of Navy corpsmen. There will be a special place in heaven for him - for all our heroes.

Petty Officer 3rd Class John D. House, a 28-year-old Navy medic, often held the lives of wounded Marines in his hands, but was never able to hold his infant son, born on Christmas Eve, his parents said. House was on his second tour of duty in Iraq, having remained on the front lines when the rest of the unit returned to Pearl Harbor last summer. There were simply not enough medics in Iraq, and House felt a keen sense of devotion to the Marines he was assigned to, said his mother, Susan House of Simi Valley, Calif. House enlisted in the Navy in 1998. He had been married for four years, and his wife, Melanie, lives in Hawai'i. When his son was born, House was able to hear the infant's first cries over a satellite telephone. A few days later, he glimpsed the boy through a video connection. He had planned to spend more time with his wife and child after his enlistment ended in March 2006.


Iraq War News 

Pam at Iraq War News has several great posts.

Great photos of Company B, 199th Forward Support Battalion at work in Iraq.

More photos of our guys at work! The Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines!

Shame on You, Senator Kennedy!

I'm sure you've heard about Senator Kennedy opening his big mouth to bash our military and denounce their efforts by calling for their immediate withdrawal from Iraq. Read Pam's lengthy reply here.

Iraq War News is worth a visit every day.


Friday, January 28, 2005

Prayers and Tears 

From Deb at Marine Corps Moms,

Yesterday, Marine families all over the world held their collective breath as they heard of the tragic helicopter crash which claimed the lives of thirty Marines and one Sailor, who may have been a corpsman assigned to save their lives in case of injury. Thirtyone families are forever altered and our hearts and prayers reach out to them.

Twenty-seven of the Marines are from Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe Bay. Marine brother Liam sends along this request:

I just wanted to ask if y'all could pray for my brother James and his marine brothers from Hawaii. They just lost 27 of their men and prayers are needed now more than ever. If you could pray for them that would mean the world to us.

From Major General Natonski, CG for 1MARDIV

Although our mission is dangerous and we understand the risks associated with our task, losses of this magnitude remind us all of how fragile life is.

Remember their sacrifice. Remember their families. Remember them all in your prayers.


Thursday, January 27, 2005

President Bush Visits The Cleveland Clinic In Ohio 

President bush is making his first major trip of this new term to the red state of Ohio to visit the world famous Cleveland Clinic. He will be speaking about " the wave of the future in medicine, computerized records to reduce cost and errors."

It figures that he would make this venture to the battleground state that many credit for giving him a reelection victory!

President Bush said Thursday that the medical industry is behind the times, using paper and pen for many records and prescriptions when computerized records could reduce cost and errors.

Read the President's remarks here compliments of the White House.


Is Fox News Really Fair and Balanced? 

Here is a great post by NewSisyphus, a "member of the State Department Republican Underground ".

A well written, reasy to read and informative comparison of the major broadcast networks using the following propositions;

Fortunately for us, there is an objective way to measure the claims of the various networks to journalistic integrity and fairness. All it takes it to accept two general propositions, neither of which will excite (we trust) much controversy:

General Proposition One: The most important story and political
topic of 2004 was the War in Iraq.

General Proposition Two: The most important news program in a news network's lineup is its Sunday morning show.

Working from those general propositions, let us take a look at the make-up of the Sunday news shows and their hosts' and panels' stances on the War in Iraq. Each participants profession, politics (when not known, the widely-assumed designation is given) and stance towards the Iraq War are listed:

Well worth your time if you are a Fox Fan.

Hat tip to
A Guy In Pajamas via a comments post at Blackfive.


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Iraq Election Videos 

Watch this video. More Iraq election public service announcements. The last one is the best.

Elections in just 4 days.


Our Hearts Are Heavy With Sad News 

It's a sad day today with the news of such a great loss of life.

BAGHDAD, Iraq — A U.S. Marine helicopter transporting troops crashed Wednesday in the desert of western Iraq, killing 31 people, American military officials said. The crash was believed to be the deadliest single incident involving U.S. troops in Iraq. A Pentagon source said earlier that the helicopter was a CH-53 Sea Stallion.

Now there is news of a commuter train crash in Glendale, California.

I encourage you to remember these Marines and civilians in your prayers today. Pray for their families. Pray for the rescue workers.


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

No Support for Our Troops at Oregon University 

A campus employee at the University of Oregon was told to remove a magnetic yellow ribbon sticker that says "Support The Troops" from the back of his maintenance vehicle after another employee complained.

Someone saw it as a political statement. "I don't know how they think these are political... I think they're patriotic," said Pete Baker, U of O delivery driver. Baker has had the stickers on his work truck... for months. Friday, a university employee complained. Now the stickers are gone.

It seems that the trucks are "part of a public institution. Under state law... public employees can not use state resources to spread political messages. The university determined that some may view the yellow ribbons as a political statement... threfore they demanded that all those stickers be removed."

I hope someone complains about the typical anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-American and anti-God posters you so often see in university professors' offices. I would think that scotch taping such posters to their walls is no different that sticking a yellow ribbon magnet on the back of your truck. If one has to go, they all should go.

It all started here, with more posts at Captain's Quarters, Kevin McCullough, Michelle Malkin, Myopic Zeal, Outside The Beltway and Wizbang to name a few.

Hat tip to Paul Harvey where I first heard about this.

Good day.

UPDATE: From Japan, read this post by Riding Sun

In response to blogosphere outrage over the University of Oregon's ordering delivery driver Pete Baker to remove a "Support Our Troops" magnetic yellow ribbon from his state-owned work truck, University President Dave Frohnmayer claimed that his hands were tied:

Maybe Frohnmayer thought no one would actually read Section 107103-5, but I did. It states the following: (Read it all at Riding Sun).

UPDATE II: Great posts at My Newz'n Ideas, she is tracking the swarm and Marine Corp Moms has a copy of the letter she sent to the president of the University. Those Marine Mom's know how to lay it on the line.


Condoleezza Rice Senate Voted Again Delayed 

I read that the senate vote to confirm Condoleezza Rice as secretary of state is delayed while Democratic senators take to the senate floor to rant and rave before the cameras.

As the Washington Post puts it:

WASHINGTON - In a daylong debate, Democratic senators are using President
Bush's nomination of Condoleezza Rice as secretary of state to rake his Iraq war
policy over the coals.

Rice's confirmation as Colin Powell's replacement appears not to be in
doubt. Still, Sens. Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia and Barbara Boxer of
California and eight other Democrats are lined up to get their licks in Tuesday,
even though many of them may wind up in Rice's column when the vote is taken.

Why is the republican leadership allowing this delay by democrats so they can wail against the president. We already know senator Boxer's thoughts from her rants last week before the cameras. What more can be said by Senator Byrd (of all people) that will aid his colleagues in deciding how to cast their vote? A former Ku Klux Klan member opining about the nomination of a black women to the President's cabinet!

I'm reminded of this Cox & Forkum cartoon. After today it will have to be revised to show all eight Democratic senators.


Monday, January 24, 2005

Iraq War News 

If you haven't visited Iraq War News recently, check it out now.

Pam is doing a wonderful job with her posts and is putting in much effort. It is truly one-stop-reading for the latest on the War on Terrorism in Iraq and has wonderful stories about our Soldiers that the main stream media is ignoring. Plus, terrific story telling photos you don't see anywhere else (unless you surf lots and lots of other sites.)

Soldiers' Angels founder Patti Bader who started the blog has found a great Angel in Pam. Keep up the good work!


Hugh Writes for the LA Times 

Our favorite radio talker and blog pundit Hugh Hewitt has a guest column at the Los Angeles Times. (Free registration required.)

Cover the Terror War as a War

Is this a real attempt by the Times to offer other voices or just an attempt to stem the hemorrhaging loss of readers by tossing them a small, albeit tasty morsel of opinion?


This is Freedom 

(Hat tip to) The Fourth Rail

This is Freedom. Great public service announcement on Iraq TV!

This needs no words. Go to the site, click the picture and watch.

Someone send this to Brit Hume at Fox News!


Friday, January 21, 2005

Photo of a Hero 

Picture of a Hero from the Washinton Post blog taken today during President Bush's Inaugural.

Moved to Tears - Casey Owens, a wounded Marine, salutes as his mother Janna Owens cries during the inaugural speech by President Bush. The president pledged to work to heal a country divided by the Iraq war. "We have known divisions, which must be healed to move forward in great purposes, and I will strive in good faith to heal them." (Jonathan Ernst - Reuters)

(Hattip to BLACKFIVE)


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Chaplain Requests Help With Spiritual Warfare 

From Matt at BLACKFIVE:

Received the email below via Seamus. Chaplain (Captain) Lyle Shackleford asks for prayers for the transportation unit delivering voting machines and ballots throughout Iraq. Obviously, the transporters are high value targets to the insurgents...

As a transportation battalion, my unit will be delivering the voting machines and the ballots to villages and cities throughout Iraq during the upcoming elections. (January 30/31) Our convoys are prime targets for the insurgents because they do not want the equipment to arrive at the polling stations nor do they want the local Iraqi citizens to have the chance to vote; timely delivery must occur so that the elections occur.

Encourage your friends and family members and those within our churches to pray specifically for the electoral process. Historically, the previous totalitarian regime would not allow individual citizens to vote.

Democracy will not be realized in Iraq if intelligent and competent officials are not elected to those strategic leadership positions within the emerging government; freedom will not have an pportunity to ring throughout this country if the voting process fails. Announce this prayer! request to your contacts throughout your churches, neighborhoods, and places of business.

Those with leadership roles within the local church post this message in as many newsletters and bulletins as possible. There is unlimited potential for God's presence in this process but if we do not pray then our enemy will prevail (See Ephesians 6:10-17). A prayer vigil prior to the end of the month may be an innovative opportunity for those within your sphere of influence to pray.

This is a political battle that needs spiritual intervention. A powerful story about God's intervention in the lives of David's mighty men is recorded in 2 Samuel 23:8-33. David and his warriors were victorious because of God's intervention. We want to overcome those who would stand in the way of freedom. David's mighty men triumphed over incredible odds and stood their ground and were victorious over the enemies of Israel. (Iraqi insurgents' vs.! God's praying people). They don't stand a chance. I will pray with my soldiers before they leave on their convoys and move outside our installation gates here at Tallil.

My soldiers are at the nerve center of the logistic operation to deliver the voting machines and election ballots. They will be driving to and entering the arena of the enemy. This is not a game for them it is a historical mission that is extremely dangerous. No voting machines or ballots. No elections. Your prayer support and God's intervention are needed to give democracy a chance in this war torn country. Thank you for reading this e-mail. Please give this e-mail a wide dissemination.

Thank you for your prayer support for me and my family. Stand firm in your battles.

Lyle CH (CPT) Lyle Shackelford
Battalion Chaplain
HHD, 57th Transportation Battalion

Heads up. Cut and Paste this and send it by e-mail to your friends toady.


Merry Christmas 

Merry Christmas to all. We are in San Francisco visiting our daughter and son-in-law. The number-one son is here as well, making us complete. My brother and his wife live in San Francisco as well, so it's nice to see them.

Only the second Christmas the family has spent with away from the homestead in many, many years, but it's nice to be together where-ever.

Hope your Christmas is wonderful. Don't forget the reason for the season.


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Hugh Has A New Book 

Order Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World
Read Instapundit's review here. Read EvangelicalOutpost's review here. Read PoliPundit's review here. Read an overview of the blogosphere from World Magazine here.
Order from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble

I understand it is really popular!

President Bush walks from his helicopter to Air Force One at O'Hare International Airport after unveiling his new economic stimulus plan.

Holding up Hugh's book about blogging, President George W. Bush talks with urban leaders in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Standing behind the President are, from left, Rev. Bishop John Huston Ricard of Fla., Rev. Eugene F. Rivers III of Mass., and Tony Evans of Texas.


BLACKFIVE: Sergeant Bozik - Update 7 - The Wedding 

FROM BLACKFIVE: Sergeant Bozik - Update 7 - The Wedding

This is from Sergeant Joseph Bozik's mother, Gail, about Joey and Jayme's Wedding Day - December 31st, 2004.

The wedding was beautiful and it was so wonderful to have happiness
again in our lives. Everything was donated, even the honeymoon suite at the Four
Seasons Hotel in Georgetown. The day before the weddding, therapy taught Joey
how to get in and out of an automobile and how to use a bathroom; therefore he
was able to leave the hospital and go celebrate this special occasion. There is
no stopping Joey; he is determined to live a happy life. He is talking with John
Gonsalves, president of Homes for Our Troops about building him a home when he
decides where he wants to live. This organization is only 9 months old and
operates like Habitat for Humanity, lots of local volunteers for materials and
labor. Please visit the web site and help this worthy cause:

This is a picture of Joey receiving his right leg the day before the wedding.

The older gentleman in the back is Tom Porter, a double amputee who comes
to encourage the soldiers. He stook for 30 seconds with lots of help and a
crutch. I asked him how he felt and he replied, "It felt funny and it was
painful." So, Dec. 30th was the first day he stood since Oct. 27th...Monday,
tomorrow, he is back to therapy all day. His day starts at 6 a.m. with medicine
and doctors visiting, 7:30 with breakfast, bath and dress, down to therapy at 10
a.m., lunch is 12 to 1, then to occupational therapy 1pm till 3 or 4, back to
bed to rest, supper at 5:30, phone calls and visitations till bedtime. In the
meantime, he has interviews with media and lots of visitors to squeeze in. I
will let you know the followup on his left leg tomorrow after Dr. Hampton check
it. Thank you for your love and support. Keep praying for us.
Love, Joey & Jayme & Gail (Mom Bozik)


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